Cost of Flight from Nigeria to Dubai (March 2023)

There are many good reasons why many people want to visit Dubai, but one of the main reasons is that the country has a lot of popular tourist attractions and everyone wants to go there to see the amazing sights.

Staying in Dubai, you will experience new cultures and enjoy amazing foods. The following information on the cost of flight from Nigeria to Dubai will be helpful in planning your trip.

Cost of Flight from Nigeria to Dubai

As you can imagine, air travel enables people to go up to many interesting places and this is why it has become very important in the last few years. The best thing about air travel is that it is safe and faster than other transport modes.

However, there are certain things you need to know about this kind of travel and information about your flight. When you are planning to go to Dubai from Nigeria. The first thing you need to do is book your ticket in advance so that you will not pay more.

The second thing to consider is the time and duration of your flight. The tickets you buy should fit into your scheduled arrival date and this is why you must ensure that the airlines offer return tickets in case there are any delays on your part.

Also, it is important to consider where you will sit on your flight because this can have an impact on your overall experience.

The seats should be comfortable and offer enough legroom so that you are able to enjoy yourself. you should have enough time to attend your meetings.

This is why it is crucial to arrive at the airport on time and be experienced in traveling so that you are ready when the time comes.

However, if getting the best deals is your priority, we have prepared a list of the cost of flight from Nigeria to Dubai that you can use in order to decide on the best deal to make a booking.

Cost of Flight from Nigeria to Dubai

You can choose the best flight ticket that suits your needs. The prices of flight tickets depend on many factors, such as the distance you are traveling, the time of departure, the time of arrival, and how long you are staying.

By going through the list below, you can make a comparison of the flights between Nigeria and Dubai so that you will know which airline is offering the most affordable price. We have provided information on different airlines that can help with your air travel planning.

Egyptair Airline

  • Economy: from ₦484,254
  • Business Class: from ₦970,904

South African Airways

  • Economy: from ₦473,221
  • Business Class: from ₦1,671,799

Kenya Airways

  • Economy: from ₦420,926
  • Business Class: from ₦1,518,742

Turkish Airways

  • Economy: from ₦482,194
  • Business Class: from ₦1,540,800


  • Economy: from ₦345,696
  • Business class: from ₦884,740

Ethiopian Airlines

  • Economy: from ₦345,696
  • Business class: from ₦1,654,268

Qatar Airways

  • Economy: from ₦354,518
  • Business class: from ₦1,534,100

Air France

  • Economy: from ₦1,581,418
  • Business class: from ₦2,618,800


  • Economy: from ₦1,345,949
  • Business Class: from ₦2,639,344

Compare Prices of Flights in Nigeria

How long is the flight from Nigeria to Dubai?

Flight from Nigeria to Dubai can last for about 8 hours. Once you get to Dubai, you will be able to enjoy your stay in the city as there are many tourist attractions that will keep you busy.

One of the major tourist attractions is the Burj Khalifa and this skyscraper is one of a kind. You will also enjoy doing some shopping in the malls in Dubai as they have everything that you need.

There are many other tourist attractions worth visiting, and it will be fun going around Abu Dhabi, there are many shopping malls and a great place to visit people. There are many other things that you need to do while in Dubai, and it will be good if you spend time with your family so that you will be better able to bond.

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