Current Price of Bua Cement in Nigeria (March 2023)

Despite the high competition in the cement industry today in Nigeria, Bua cement remains one of the most sought-after products.

This is due to its high quality combined with affordability. The company has plants in two states namely BUA cement Edo and BUA cement Sokoto while it remains the second largest cement producer in west Africa alongside Dangote Cement.

However, after reviewing the prices of other cement brands in Nigeria in the past, we have decided to check the current price of BUA Cement in Nigeria as well.

Bua Cement Bages

About Bua Cement

Bua cement plc is a Nigerian multinational corporation incorporated in July 2010. The company manufactures, produces, and sells cement, clinker, and other related products.

It is the largest cement producer in Africa with 12 integrated plants across 6 countries. Dangote cement plc formerly known as Obajana Cement Plc was founded by Aliko Dangote, who is also the chairman of the company.

The company’s current CEO is Michel Puchercos. From February 2020 to date, the company had an installed production capacity of 33 million metric tonnes per annum (mmtpa). The company has its headquarters in Lagos.

Bua Cement Promo Okpella Plant
Bua Cement Promo Okpella Plant

BUA Cement Plc is engaged in the production and marketing of cement under the brand name “BUA Cement”. Presently the company produces CEM II type of cement in accordance with the Nigerian Industrial Standards.

BUA Cement is ideal for all construction purposes in Nigeria. Its unique quality makes it the cement of choice for block-making, plastering, and concrete works.  Its high early strength, rapid setting, and low heat of hydration are all distinct features that characterize our high-quality production process.

Why BUA Cement is Amongst the Best Choice 

  • Products are in accordance with Nigerian industrial standards.
  • Products are ideal for all construction purposes.
  • It’s a suitable choice for block making, concrete works, and plastering. 
  • High strength, Rapid-setting, low hydration heat qualities.
  • Affordability and availability of products.

The above-listed points are not more advantages to go for BUA cement when choosing a quality and affordable product.

Current Price of BUA Cement in Nigeria 

The current price of Bua cement is between ₦3900 and ₦4200

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Bua cement is one of the leading products today. The ability to combine quality, affordable and available products is a good reason for its competitiveness.

Their depot locations include Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, Ibadan, and Sagamu.

Their distributors are located far and wide in various places all over Nigeria.

You can also become a distributor as it’s a form of the lucrative and highly needed product by providing the requirements listed on their site

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