How to Transfer Data on 9mobile without Stress in 2023

Do you have a 9mobile line?

Would you love to know how to transfer data to either your family or friends?

Have you tried different codes and none is going through?

Then keep reading, you are on the right page.

The 9mobile data transfer service allows you to keep your family and friends sufficiently funded with data anytime anywhere.

Latest Etisalat Data plans

That is you can transfer data from your 9mobile number to another 9mobile number.

The service is easy to use and secured with a PIN.

Also, it is available to all 9Mobile customers, both new and old, on both prepaid and hybrid plans.

Hold on!

Check the Latest Etisalat Data plans before proceeding

How to Change my Etisalat Default Pin

Before you will transfer data from your 9mobile to another it is required to change our default PIN.

This is to avoid unauthorized people from transferring your data behind you.

This default pin is 0000 for all Airtel users.

Hence, change the pin to the one you will remember easily.

You can change your default pin by dialing *247* default pin* new pin#.

For instance, if you want your new pin to be 1234, then dial as follows; *247*0000*1234#.

How to Transfer Data on 9mobile

Sharing of data has been made easy on 9mobile.

After changing, your pin to a new one the next thing is to activate your data-sharing feature by dialing *917#.

Then you can proceed to purchase a standard data plan.

Ultimately, you can now share your data with other 9mobile subscribers.

To do this simply dial *229*9*pin*amount

of data*recipient’s number*3#.

For instance, dial *229*9*1234*200*08091234567*3#.

However, you can simply dial *200# and then follow the prompt menu.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation message if the transaction was successful.

It is worth noting that before you can transfer data to other users you must have a minimum data of 50MB.

Furthermore, a minimum of 10MB and a maximum of 200MB can be transferred at a go.

Ultimately, you can only transfer a maximum of 1000 MB daily.

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We hope with the guide in this article, you can easily transfer data on 9Mobile from one number to another.

Ultimately, the problem of how to transfer data from Etisalat should be cancelled provided you have a data plan.

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