How to Transfer Data on MTN (2023 Step-by-Step Guide)

Are you willing to share your MTN data with your family and friends?

Are you overwhelmed with how to transfer data on MTN?

Then your worries are over because in this article we will walk you through how to transfer data on MTN.

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MTN Data Gifting is one of the unique services offered by MTN.

This service allows you to transfer data from your active data balance to your friends and family.

This service does not just allow you to transfer data to friends and family, you can also request data from your friends.

Furthermore, you can use the service to send and buy data bundles to your other smartphones, routers, and tablets.

Moreover, every MTN subscriber can access this data gifting service.


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How to Transfer Data on MTN

You can transfer data to another MTN subscriber via the three methods listed below.

They are;

  • my MTN app.
  • SMS
  • USSD. 

Sit back as we explain all three methods by which you can transfer your data with your loved ones.

  1. How to Transfer Data on the MTN app

Data sharing on my MTN app is easy and free of charge.

All you need to do is to open your MTN app if you have one, if not download one from the play store.

After that click on the three dots at the bottom of the page on your right where “more” is written.

You will be taken to another page then click on share airtime/ data under Share & Borrow.

Furthermore, click on data and share therein provided it is an MTN subscriber.

You should note that you can only share 1GB per day.

Also, you can only share a maximum of 500MB at a go.

  1. How to Transfer Data on MTN via SMS

You can also share your data with your loved ones by just sending an SMS with your MTN line.

Text in this order “Transfer, the Phone number of the receiver, data amount, and then send to 131.

For example, text “transfer 08031234567 500” and then send it to 131.

However, you need to check the phone number before you press send.

This is because once you send it to the wrong number you will not be able to get your data back.

Ultimately you do not need any code before you can carry out this transaction.

  1. How to Transfer Data on MTN via Code

To transfer your data with the use of code just type in this order.

Dial *131* the receiver’s phone number*data amount#.

For instance,*131*08031234567*200#.

Or dial *131*7*1# and then follow the prompt.

However, before you can transfer data from your MTN line to another you must have an existing data (megabyte) balance.

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You can transfer your MTN data with your family and friends without stress.

We are sure if you follow this article you will not have problems on how to transfer data on MTN.

We advise you to doubt-check the number and the amount of data you want to send before sending it.

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