iPhone 12 Pro Max Price in Nigeria (March 2023)

The iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Nigeria started from ₦664,200 and above. It was released in September 2019.

It was introduced as the most powerful iPhone that Apple had ever produced, replacing the iPhone 11 Pro Max from the previous year, which had previously held the title of most powerful iPhone. 

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The front is made of ceramic, and the back and sides are made of textured matte glass. Stainless steel was used for the design.

It has a display of 6.7 inches and comes equipped with ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto cameras on the back.

It satisfies different criteria, and it is nice. In this article, we will discuss the iPhone 12 pro max price in Nigeria, in addition to some of its most important features. You might want to find out the latest price of Uk used iPhone in Nigeria before we proceed.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Price In Nigeria
iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max Price in Nigeria

The iPhone 12 pro max price in Nigeria is justified by the quality that the product brings to the table.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB DS ₦664,200
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB SS ₦726,200
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB DS ₦743,000
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB SS ₦758,500
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB DS ₦852,900
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB SS ₦876,600

iPhone 12 Pro Max Key Specifications And Features

  • Super Retina XDR OLED of 6.7-inch
  • Display with a resolution of 1284 by 2778 pixels and a ratio of 19.5:9. (458 PPI)
  • Apple A14 Bionic (5nm)
  • iOS 14.1
  • 6GB RAM
  • Built-in Storage of 12GB/128GB/ 256GB/512GB 
  • Cameras at the back are 12MP, 12MP, and 12MP, as well as a TOF 3D LiDAR scanner.
  • 12MP Front Camera
  • Mag safe
  • 5G / 4G Connectivity
  • Fast Wired Charging (20W)
  • Qi Wireless Charging (15W)
  • IP68 Water / Dust Resistance

Design And Display

The outside design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is similar to that of its previous, but it only has a bigger structure. 

It is differentiated with a display that measures 6.7 inches diagonally, making it the largest in the series and even larger than the display that is found on the iPhone 12 Pro, which is 6.1 inches.


Even the brand-new MagSafe function that was added to iPhones was compromised. 

The iPhone 12 Pro max comes equipped with MagSafe, a feature that makes it possible for iPhone lovers to attach different accessories to the back of the iPhone.

The MagSafe charger was one of the most talked about MagSafe accessories. It is essentially a wireless charger but it snaps and sticks to the back of the iPhone, making it easier to begin charging.

The Cameras

The cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max aren’t all that different from the cameras we had on the iPhone 12 Pro, which was a slightly less premium model. 

They are all similar. The capacity of the telephoto camera located on the back of the phone is the only feature that differentiates the two cameras.

The telephoto camera found on the rear of the iPhone 12 Pro Max can achieve a maximum digital zoom of 12x, whereas the telephoto camera found on the iPhone 12 Pro can only achieve a maximum magnification of 10x. 

Hardware And Software

Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, which made its debut as the world’s first 5nm processor, is the star of the show when it comes to the performance hardware found on the iPhone 12 Pro max. 

This is the same processor that was used on the various members of the iPhone 12 series, and it was also introduced with the iPad Air 2020 when it was first released.

The other performance drivers include a GPU from Apple with 4 cores, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB of storage space, and 6 Gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM).

No Charging Brick

Apple took a risky decision when it removed the charging bricks that were included in the packaging of flagship iPhones. 

Chargers will not be included with any of the iPhone 12 series smartphones when they are shipped.

Apple claims that eliminating the charging bricks from the packaging will assist lower the size of the package.

Which will in turn facilitate a reduction in the size of the package, reduce the number of needed courier vehicles, and eventually would reduce their carbon footprint.


In terms of its operating system, the iPhone 12 Pro Max runs on iOS 14.1, which is jam-packed with all of the most recent goodies, including the widgets that have just been launched.

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Nigeria is the most expensive smartphone in the iPhone 12 series, which includes several different models. 

In comparison to the other models of the series, you have the most powerful camera setup, the largest display, and a great deal more.

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