Latest Etisalat Data plans, Prices, & Codes (February 2023)

Formerly Etisalat, the company is one of the leading networks in Nigeria that offers very fast and reliable internet services that you can always count on regardless of your location within the country. Etisalat data plans come with 4G LTE support which guarantees fast internet access at affordable rates.

Latest Etisalat Data plans

Etisalat offers its users several data plans that range from daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions. All of these subscription plans include different data packages for each package. Even though the company changed its name in 2017 to 9mobile, its internet service still stands out among other internet services in Nigeria.

With Etisalat, you get fast and reliable internet services at attractive prices. You can join their network and start enjoying these fast speeds at affordable prices with a monthly subscription plan for only ₦1,500 or choose from one of their weekly subscription plans while enjoying high-speed unlimited internet access at affordable prices.

About Etisalat Nigeria

Etisalat Nigeria deploys cutting-edge technology that is designed to enable its customers to have the best possible digital experience. It offers voice, SMS and data services to Nigerians across Nigeria through the use of the latest wireless network technologies. The company’s products and services are available on the highest frequency bands and are accessible to customers nationwide.

In 2017, the company changed from Etisalat to 9mobile, the company acquired the license to operate across Nigeria’s telecom sector with the corporate name – Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS).  When they started in 2008, 9mobile introduced the concept of ‘0809uchoose’ to allow Nigerians to choose, own and use their mobile phone numbers in Nigeria.

Their groundbreaking, transparent, and 9ja-focused business model quickly gained momentum, making Nigerians actively participate in their success.

They continue to uphold the 9ja spirit, now by bringing the best technology, experience and offers to Nigerians. Creating Africa’s best connectivity has been a journey that they are committed to continuing on.

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Latest Etisalat Data plans and codes

9mobile offers data plans and packages to suit every individual and business. Their daily data plans provide the best value for money, with a reasonable amount of data to cover your daily tasks.

Their weekly and monthly subscription plans are designed to suit budget-conscious users who require more data for their everyday needs. Below is a list of available data packages for 9mobile.

9mobile Night Data Plan

9mobile offers a 1GB data package for customers who require more data for their daily tasks and personal needs. The package is a night plan from 12am to 5am in a day for ₦200. You can dial *229*3*11# to subscribe.

You can also get more data to use at night and on weekends. The 3GB evening and weekend package allows you to connect from 7pm to 7am in a 30-day period for ₦1000 by dialling *229*3*12#.

For people who love to download large files at minimal cost, this data plan is just perfect for you. The package offers 7GB of data during evenings and weekends that runs from 7pm to 7am in a 30-day period. You can activate this plan by dialling *229*3*13# to subscribe to it.

9mobile Daily Data Plan

Etisalat data plan available for daily use provides great value for money, with a reasonable amount of data to cover your regular daily internet usage.

Etisalat offers different data plans for its users. Their packages come with different packages that suit various needs. The cheapest Etisalat data plans are 100MB and 50MB of data that are valid for 24 hours at ₦100 and ₦50 respectively. However, it is wise to use this plan for basic internet usage.

Another plan they offer is 650MB of data to be used for 24 hours at only ₦200 which is a very affordable plan that you can use for social media sites and regular daily internet surfing. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*3*2#.

Apart from that, there’s another 1GB + social plan for ₦300 that offers a bit more data than the one above. This plan can be used 24 hours a day. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*3*3#

9Mobile (Etisalat) ₦1000 Data Plan

This data plan is perfect for subscribers who want to stay online and browse social media without downloading large files. This plan offers 1.5GB of data for 30 days at no extra cost to you. You can simply dial *229*2*7# to subscribe.

Apart from that, there’s a higher 2GB plan for ₦1000 that allows you to stay online from 7pm – 7am and all time during the weekend. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*3*12# to activate it.

9Mobile (Etisalat) ₦2000 Data Plan

This Etisalat data plan provides more data for subscribers, with an additional ₦1000, the subscriber of this plan will get 4.5GB of data for 30 days with everyday usage. You can simply dial *229*2*8# to subscribe.

Apart from the ₦1000 weekend data plan, there’s also a higher plan for ₦2000 that offers 5GB to stay online from 7pm – 7am during the evening and all day on weekends. You can activate the plan by dialing *229*3*13#.

9Mobile Weekly Data Plans

If you are looking to subscribe a weekly data plan to your Etisalat line, then this section is dedicated to you. In these plans, you can get 1GB of data valid for 7 days, 2GB of data valid for 3 days and 7GB of data valid for 7 days.

The plans also come with some social data allowances that allow you to get access to social media apps for the duration of the plan. You can subscribe to these plans by dialing *229*2*1#, *229*3*4# and *229*3*2# respectively.

9Mobile Monthly Data Plans

9mobile offers several low-cost data plans that have different bundles with different prices for monthly usage. 9mobile also provides different plans based on your preferences. In this section, we have listed all the data plans that are available monthly for subscribers of 9mobile.

9mobile offers 1.5GB of data per month for only ₦1,000. This plan allows you to stay connected for the whole month while using social media sites, but with minimal video streaming. You can subscribe to it by dialing *229*2*7#.

If you want more for a bit less, the ₦1200 plan will be ideal for you. This plan offers 2GB of data that can last 24 hours a day for 30 days at ₦1200 only. Dial *229*2*25# to subscribe to this plan.

This monthly data plan from 9mobile offers 4.5GB of data valid for 30 days. At ₦2000 a month, you will be able to visit regular social media sites, use WhatsApp and stream videos intermittently. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*2*8#.

If you are looking to subscribe to a data plan that will give you more data to browse social media, download and stream on YouTube, then this plan is for you. It offers 11GB of data valid for 30 days, at ₦4000 only. You can subscribe to it by dialing *229*2*36#.

This 15GB plan for ₦5000 is a high-end data plan from 9mobile that will allow you to stay online for the whole month. You can use this plan to download movies, and online games, listen to music and browse social media, and stream Netflix videos at your own convenience. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*2*37#.

For heavy data users who would want to stream more videos online, the 40GB for ₦10,000 can help them connect multiple devices, download movies, play live games and listen to music on their devices throughout the month. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*4*1#.

This 75GB for ₦15000 is the highest monthly data plan from 9mobile that will let you connect multiple devices to the internet, stream videos on Netflix or YouTube and download more movies and videos online. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*2*4#.

9Mobile 200 Naira Data Plan

This is a short-term plan that can help you stay online for a short period to do quick tasks online. The plan offers 250MB of data valid for 7 days at ₦200 only. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*2*10#.

This plan can be used as a backup plan if the other network you use is experiencing downtime or loading slowly at the moment. It is also a good option for you when you want reliable internet connectivity for a short WhatsApp video call or for an important chat for a short while and does not want to spend a lot.

9mobile Unlimited Data Plan

9mobile operates quite differently from other networks that offer large volumes of capped data as unlimited. They provide large volumes of data for extended periods of time but do not sell unlimited data to their subscribers.

If you’re in need of more data on 9mobile, you need to consider the 60GB data for 4 months plan at ₦55,000 or the 100GB data plan with a 30-day validity period at ₦65,000.

They also have a 120GB package for a year at ₦110,000. The plan includes a 90-day validity period to use the data. You can activate it by dialing *229*5*3#.

The most important thing to note in this category of Etisalat data plans is that they offer multiple months of validity. You can subscribe to it for four months or throughout the year. Whichever option you choose, it allows you to eliminate the need for data and plan your finances ahead.


Etisalat (9Mobile) offers a variety of data plans that can suit different needs and budgets. These plans come with different bundles and validity periods.

Whether you need data for daily or monthly use, Etisalat has you covered with its reliable and affordable data plans. With Etisalat, you can stay connected and enjoy fast internet speeds at all times.

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