Lifan motorcycle price in Nigeria (March 2023)

The Lifan motorcycle is perfect for both men and women. It is not surprising that this bike was designed with a new type of seat that will conform to the body of the rider.

Lifan motorcycle price in Nigeria

Its comfortable seat makes it possible for you to put extra hours on this motorbike without feeling tired or fatigued.

About Lifan motorcycle

The Lifan motorcycle also boasts of a high-quality exhaust and it was designed to give you the maximum pleasure. Read on to discover Lifan motorcycle price in Nigeria and other helpful information.

Despite its small size, it is roomy enough to fit up to 2 people. Its impressive looks and capacities make this bike get a lot of praise from both the Chinese and Nigerian communities. The bike is also perfect for short trips and so this makes it one of the best motorcycles in Nigeria.

Its impressive features, look, elegance and quality make it a perfect choice for you to ride. It also has an air suspension to help you cruise freely and smoothly across the road. With its reliability, you are sure that it will last long without having any problems.

There is no doubt about this motorcycle’s excellence because it has been featured in various magazines, radio stations, and television channels from time to time. Its performance is also incredible and there is no doubt that you will get your value for money as a result.

Lifan motorcycle price in Nigeria

  • Lifan Motorcycle CG125 – ₦‎250,000 – ₦‎300,000
  • Lifan 125 Motorcycle – ₦‎100,000 – ₦‎150,000
  • Lifan Motorcycle CG125 – ₦‎150,000 – ₦‎200,000
  • Lifan Semi Power bike – ₦‎150,000 – ₦‎230,000
  • Lifan 200CC Motorbike – ₦‎310,000 – ₦‎410,000
  • Lifan Lady Bike – ₦‎150,000 – ₦‎200,000
  • Lifan Rubber Rubber Motorcycle – ₦‎170,000 – ₦‎250,000

Why are Lifan Bikes Unique?

The motorcycle is equipped with a high-quality engine that is made from the best materials. You will also find it very fascinating because of its performance. It makes sure that you get your money’s worth because it is strong and durable.

This bike is fitted with a 4-stroke and single-cylinder engine which makes it highly efficient when used on the road.

This gives you more power when travelling on the road at different speeds. The engine is also equipped with a kick-start system which makes it easy to start and this makes the bike very convenient to use by both men and women.

This bike also has a unique design and look that will make you fall in love with this bike. The motor is also able to deliver a very high speed because of its high horsepower and torque.

Its engine is fitted with a kick-start system and this allows the rider to easily start it. This gives them additional freedom in using the bike to go from one place to another because they don’t have to spend time waiting for the motorcycle to start.

The bikes are designed from the ground up with a very different type of approach. The engines and chassis are made from the best quality steel to give them extra strength and durability. This bike is also fitted with a high-quality exhaust which delivers the best performance for you.

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In essence, the Lifan Bike is a motorcycle designed for you if you are looking for comfort, style, and convenience. It is not surprising that so many Lifan bikes are sold in different parts of the country because of their high-quality engine.

The bike is also very economical when it comes to using it on a daily basis. With the list of Lifan motorcycle prices in Nigeria above, you’ll be able to make a better decision when buying one.

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