Motorcycle Helmet Price in Nigeria (March 2023)

Motorcycle helmets are a type of helmet that riders wear to protect themselves from getting hurt in an accident.

Motorcycle Helmet Price in Nigeria

Safety helmets have been around for centuries and have been mandatory in many countries. The modern motorcycle helmet is designed to provide protection against impacts in a crash, especially to the head, but may also provide other forms of head protection. You might want to know about the prices of motorcycles in Nigeria before reading this.

About Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are usually constructed of several layers of different materials. The inner layer is usually light and thin, while the outer layer is made from a stiffer material.

The helmet shell is constructed from protective, abrasion-resistant materials that resist penetration by liquids and gases.

The liner protects the skin of the wearer and cushions the blows to their head in an accident. The helmet is attached to a head harness inside the cockpit of the motorcycle, usually with a self-adhesive or by using a chin strap.

Motorcycle Helmet Price in Nigeria

The price of a motorcycle helmet varies from quality to quality and from style to style. The following is a breakdown of the price for different types of helmets. 

  • Yukumoto Riders Helmet price range from ₦‎12,500+
  • Full face helmet price range from ₦‎23,000 – ₦‎30,000
  • Half-face helmet price range from ₦‎9,000 – ₦‎12,000
  • Dot Biker Helmet with Bluetooth price range from ₦‎120,000 – ₦‎140,000

What Type Of Motorcycle Helmet Should You Buy?

There are different types of motorcycle helmets on the market. For example, some helmets have more of an aerodynamic look, as well as high-end materials.

Another type of helmet is designed for trail riding, with little to no protection for the rider’s face. These are both examples of the different types of helmets available.

There are also several factors that the rider should consider before they purchase a helmet. These considerations include:

1. The Protection Factor

There are two main components to motorcycle helmets that help protect the rider in an accident. The first is the helmet’s ability to absorb and distribute impacts.

A motorcycle helmet should be able to absorb much of the shock from a crash, which reduces friction and impact transfer to other parts of the body.

A motorcycle helmet may be constructed with one or more layers of different oils and chemicals. The amount of material used in a motorcycle helmet depends on the type of riding that the rider does and their tolerance for risk.

2. Quality Of Construction

Another factor to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet is the quality of construction. A motorcycle must be built to withstand crash forces, meaning that it must be able to last long enough to protect the rider in an accident.

The quality of construction is measured by the helmet’s strength-to-weight ratio. All motorcycle helmets are tested to determine their levels of impact strength and abrasion resistance. They are also tested for safety, such as the ability to protect against penetration by flying debris.

3. Maintaining Your Helmet

The most important step in maintaining a motorcycle helmet is cleaning and sanitising it. Wearing a helmet every day leads to mould and bacteria buildup, which damages the helmet’s protective layer.

The best way to clean a motorcycle helmet is to use a mild disinfectant and wipe it down completely. When you are cleaning your motorcycle helmet, be aware of the removable parts and their proper placement. Any parts that you cannot remove should be replaced, such as a non-replaceable visor.

Compare Prices of Motorcycles in Nigeria


Apart from considering the motorcycle helmet price in Nigeria, you need to factor in the safety of the helmet. Inspect your helmet. To check if your helmet is in good condition, remove it and shake it. If it rattles, replace it with a new one that fits well and provides the protection you need. 

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