Ntel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, and Codes (February 2023)

As technology has gotten better, the internet has gone from being a nice-to-have to a must-have in most homes across the country. With this in mind, Ntel introduced Ntel Unlimited Data Plans for its customers, who take pleasure in having a device that can connect them online anytime, anywhere.

Ntel Unlimited Data Plans

Ntel Nigeria is one of the few telecom companies in Nigeria that provides premium internet services to its customers with the best reliability and value for money. As a tech company, the company puts money into its networks to give its customers the best services.

Ntel Nigeria’s network reaches all major cities and towns in Nigeria, as well as neighbouring countries. The company is focused on providing data solutions and services that help people, businesses, and consumers receive broadband internet access within the country’s urban cities.

Ntel has a portfolio of innovative voice and data solutions, security solutions, and managed services for residential, small and medium businesses, large businesses, and the government.

About Ntel Nigeria

Ntel Nigeria is Nigeria’s first telecom provider of 4G services. Ntel’s 4G/LTE network provides reliable, high-speed internet access to residential and small- to medium-sized business customers, serving the largest commercial cities in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt).

In 2016, the company initiated the first on-net call in the country. Ntel also serves to carry digital traffic between retail service providers, and business and corporate customers. The company makes it easier for Nigerians to use high-speed internet by giving them data plans that are affordable and useful.

With their 4G/LTE network that delivers high speeds of up to 100 Mbps, Ntel’s products are designed to provide optimal bandwidth for surfing the web, downloading movies, listening to music, and video chatting, combined with market-leading support and an affordable portfolio of products and services.

The company provides tailor-made solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers, businesses, and enterprises. Its aim is to provide the most advanced broadband-based solutions and supreme service to Nigerians across Nigeria.

NTel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, & Codes

One of the ISPs that understands the core needs (unlimited internet access) of Nigerians is NTel. In recent times, Nigerians have been complaining about the quality of service that most of Nigeria’s ISPs are offering. However, Ntel is driven to be the game changer by making sure its customers get uncapped internet access.

The company knows that Nigerians don’t want to be one of the many poor people in Nigeria who can’t get on the internet. Its goal is to give Nigerians fast data speeds so they can get on the internet whenever they want to. This is why Ntel believes in offering value for money in its package plans.

The company knows that internet speed is an important part of its main goal, which is to give everyone in Nigeria unlimited access to the internet. In addition to this, Ntel believes in making the lives of its customers easier by providing them with quality data packages that will meet their internet needs.

In recent times, Ntel has introduced many data packages/plans that are designed to meet the needs of consumers who consume different amounts of data per month.

NTel Unlimited Data Plans Explained

Let’s go over the Ntel unlimited data plans in depth so you can choose the best one for you.

Unlimited Daily

This is a very popular data plan because it offers you unlimited internet access for 2 days. You will be billed ₦1,500 but you will have unlimited access to the internet for the duration of the plan to stream Netflix movies or play live games. The plan offers a fair usage policy of 10GB, which means that after consuming this amount of data, the speed will be capped at 512 kbps.

Unlimited Weekly

This package is ideal for individuals that need unlimited internet access for a week. With this package, you can watch movies, live stream events, play online games, and do other online activities.

The plan offers unlimited internet access with a fair usage policy of 40GB for ₦5200. This means that after you consume this amount of data, the speed is capped at 512kbps (you will be able to stream movies but the quality will be inferior).

Unlimited Family

This unlimited data plan is ideal for families. It allows over 4 users to share the service with unlimited internet access for a month. The plan has a fair usage policy of 150GB for N18,500. You need to be careful with your consumption rate after you consume this amount of data. You can watch movies, listen to music, or do different online activities for as long as you want within a month.

Unlimited Exclusive

If you want to download as much as you want, the Unlimited Exclusive Data Plan is just for you. You can download almost anything that you want for a whole month for a very low price. There is no limit or fair usage policy on this plan, just enjoy as much as you want at the ₦25,000 price point for a whole month.

Unlimited (Monthly)

This monthly plan gives you access to unlimited data for 30 days for ₦10,000. The plan is perfect for students because it allows them to do their online activities during the night and early mornings (12am – 7am).

This plan has no cap or fair usage policy and you can browse as you like for a whole month, which means you can watch movies, live stream sports events or just do other online activities without boundaries.

Unlimited 90

This data plan is perfect for users that don’t want to pay for their data every month. They can buy this plan for ₦51,000 and enjoy unlimited internet access for 90 days without paying extra. The plan is ideal for people that have a lot of online activities to focus on and don’t have time to make a commitment every month.

Unlimited 180

This data plan is ideal for people who want to stream movies, live stream football games, or do a lot of other online activities during the whole 6 months duration for ₦100,000. You will be able to stream movies or other content for the 6 months duration, and it doesn’t have a fair usage policy. The plan is perfect for busy individuals who can’t afford to shell out money for data every month.

Unlimited 365

This is the biggest data plan that NTel offers to consumers. It costs ₦195,000 and offers you data for a whole year. The fair usage policy for this plan is 1.8TB per month after which the data speed drops to 512kbps. If you think that 1.8TB is enough for a year, go ahead and buy this plan.

Unlimited Plus

This is a good plan for people that have a lot of data-consuming activities to do in the specified time period. The plan costs ₦25,000 and allows you to enjoy internet access for 30 days. The maximum fair usage policy is 200GB per month after which the speed drops to 512kbps.

Unlimited Xtra

If you want a data plan that is perfect for gamers, this one is just perfect. It costs ₦40,000 and offers you internet access for a whole month. The fair usage policy is 350GB after which data speed drops to 512kbps.

Unlimited Prime

This data plan is ideal for internet cafes and other businesses that need to share their internet connection with multiple users. It costs ₦60,000 and is valid for 30 days. The plan has a fair usage policy of 600GB after which the data speed drops to 512kbps.

Compare Prices of Other Data Plans in Nigeria


NTel Nigeria’s portfolio of cutting-edge data packages and plans includes an unlimited option for service.

Ntel’s products are made to offer the best possible bandwidth for streaming media, listening to music, and chatting via video over their 4G/LTE network, which can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps, while also offering market-leading support and an affordably priced product and service portfolio. Many different data plans are available, each with its own set of pricing and fair use policies from which customers can select the one that works best for them.

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