Tizeti Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, & Codes (February 2023)

The Internet has become a necessity for most Nigerians and Ghanaians. And as you all know, the Internet is an essential tool that has become an undeniable part of our lives today.

With these Tizeti unlimited data plans, you can watch movies, listen to music, play games, shop online, pay bills online, connect with people online, and stream continuously online.


Today, Tizeti Nigeria is one of the leading providers of broadband and wireless Internet connectivity across Nigeria, and Ghana, with a mission to provide high-speed residential, and business internet across Nigeria and Ghana.

About Tizeti Nigeria

Tizeti Nigeria is the best company in Nigeria and Ghana for getting high-speed and wireless Internet connections. With its main office in Lagos, Nigeria, the company sets up high-speed broadband network solutions for businesses and consumers.

It provides cost-effective wireless broadband Internet services across Nigeria and Ghana, with a focus on giving SMEs and enterprise users full-featured telecommunication services.

With Tizeti’s ‘Unlimited’ internet package customers enjoy uninterrupted, unrestricted access to an ever-expanding and growing range of Internet services. The offering is built on the belief that there is no substitute for speed, and Tizeti’s broadband network helps users attain speeds of up to 5Mbps (megabits per second).

The company started operating in Lagos in 2017, with the goal of delivering the most innovative and affordable broadband Internet services to Lagos residents staying precisely at Yaba and Ikoyi. Today, Tizeti unlimited data plans are the top choice of corporate clients, residents, and businesses in West Africa.

Tizeti Data Plans, Prices and Codes

Tizeti is a leading Internet service provider in Nigeria, with advanced innovations to ensure that Tizeti unlimited data plans are fast, reliable, and secure.

One of the ways they ensure they always meet the needs of their clients is to make their base stations solar-powered. Which makes the delivery of high-speed internet to your home or office possible even in situations where there is fuel scarcity or lack of electricity.

With Tizeti Nigeria, you can enjoy unlimited access to the Internet for as little as N200 per day. If you are a startup Nigerian business and need a high-speed broadband internet connection without breaking your bank account. Tizeti offers the best solution for your business at the most affordable price.

Tizeti Nigeria is one of the internet service providers that truly provides unlimited internet access. It offers users unlimited data access to its digital products, giving them maximum bandwidth and speed. Users are allowed to use the internet as much as they want, whenever they want, without any form of restriction or limitation.


As mentioned earlier, Tizeti is also widely known as www.wifi.com.ng and they serve several multi-tenant areas, estates, SMEs, hotels and restaurants, and large corporate clients across Nigeria. They have a large network of base stations and offer their clients internet services.

Tizeti Nigeria is the perfect solution for those looking for unlimited access to the internet without interruption or downtime at any point. Their service is layered on advanced technologies, which makes them one of the leading providers of Internet service providers in Nigeria.

Tizeti Nigeria is a one-stop solution for all your Internet service needs, whether it’s wireless internet or broadband internet with speeds of up to 5 Mbps (megabits per second). All you need to do is decide on any of the Tizeti unlimited data plans listed below and place your order.

Residential Unlimited (₦12,500)

Just as the name implies, this is a plan designed for homes, estates, multi-tenant areas, etc. This plan gives you unlimited access to the internet with a speed of 3mbps all through the month. You can share it with your family and friends, as there is no restriction whatsoever.

Residential Pro (₦75,000)

Designed for homes looking to buy an unlimited internet plan, this plan allows you to get all the benefits of having a stable unlimited data plan with a speed of 3mbps. The plan comes with a month free and it’s the perfect plan for someone who is looking to have unlimited internet access and wants to save on money in the long run.

Residential Yearly (₦150,000)

This plan is perfect for people who are seeking to use Tizeti’s unlimited data plan for the whole year. You will be getting 3 mbps speed in all 12 months with this plan and it also has 2 months free internet access. The yearly plan is a great deal, if you’re a person who enjoys being connected all through the year.

It is important to mention that you need to pay a setup fee of ₦47,000 to setup any of the packages in your area or apartment.

Contact Us

If you want more plans that are not listed above, you can get in touch with Tizeti directly . They are comfortable to help you decide on the right plan that suits your needs. They can also create a custom made plan that will suit your requirements and help you save a lot on your monthly internet bill.

What’s more, Tizeti Nigeria is expanding their network and they are rapidly deploying their network to reach new areas, estates and apartments. If you are not sure that Tizeti covered your area, you should get in touch with them and ask for a free broadband check.

Get in touch with the Tizeti Customer Service Team and get them to give you the best quotation for your needs. They will create a custom plan for you and you will be able to avail their services without any hassle.

Tizeti Express Wi-Fi

Tizeti is on the move to make sure everyone can get high-quality internet with fast speeds. In this category of plans, Tizeti offers an affordable and flexible service for public places such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, markets, airport terminals, bus shelters and recreational areas. The following service plans are available:

Tizeti Express Wi-Fi: This plan is designed for public places that need a Wi-Fi solution. It comes with limited data plans and a speed of 3mbps for as low as ₦50 per day/₦8000 per month. You can connect multiple devices at once with this plan, and you get the chance to use Facebook for free. Check the Express Wi-Fi data plans here (https://www.tizeti.com/expresswifi/)

Tizeti WifiCall

Tizeti WifiCall is another internet service provided by Tizeti. This plan is ideal for those looking to talk on the phone or make calls to other people on Android and iOS mobile devices.

It works on its network and allows users to connect to their network and make calls. Tizeti WifiCall is available to individuals and businesses to make crystal-clear calls globally.

The platform was developed to tackle the expensive international call tariff, where you need to pay a lot just to make a call. This fact is true for individuals, home-based businesses, and organizations.

The idea behind this platform was to provide users with alternative methods of making calls at reasonable prices that suit their budget. Wifi calls on Tizeti Network come in different plans as follows:


This plan comes with a unique business number with a dedicated line, which means that the callers are charged using the same line. Calls on this line will be deducted from your prepaid balance, and you can use your prepaid minutes to make international calls.

Basic Unlimited

This plan suits people who want to make unlimited calls on a daily basis. It’s one of the best deals in town. The call duration is 12 Kobo per second, and you have to pay ₦6,000 to activate the plan.

Business Plan

These plans are designed for businesses that want to connect their lines and make calls. They can connect this plan to a dedicated line. The account can be activated for one user or a group of users, with a monthly usage of 12 kobo per second and ₦15,000 in free airtime.

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Tizeti has put in place a network that meets international standards and uses cutting-edge technology to give its customers world-class speeds at base stations all over the country.

Tizeti, also known as www.wifi.com.ng, has been committed to providing users with the most reliable and secure services to guarantee customer satisfaction. Tizeti Nigeria has an experienced in-house team of customer service personnel who ensure you’re satisfied with our products and services

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