TStv Decoder Price in Nigeria (February 2023)

TStv is a pioneer of indigenous cable TV in Nigeria with innovation, technological advancements, and new programming strategies for the country.

It’s also the first TV station to have a PVR (personal video recorder) decoder with functionality that allows viewers greater control over their viewing experience.

TStv Decoder Price in Nigeria

The TStv TV channels are well designed and bring relevance to Nigeria’s diversity by bringing together different genres in one space, which gives you the option to watch your favorite genre at any point in time.

About TStv

TStv has a number of other products and services to enhance its viewers’ experience. It also provides great spoilers and newscasts on the latest news…and, therefore, is preferred by many as a cable tv provider.

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TStv is unique in that it features a wide-ranging selection of programming genres aimed at maximizing the audience appeal in all areas of Nigeria, from music, movies and sports to business, educational and news.

The cable tv is popular for its extensive coverage of international, national, and local sports, including football (soccer), basketball, tennis, and others. It also has the best soccer news, with live match commentary by the host TV presenter.

The local and international quality programs of drama, comedy, entertainment and lifestyle also make it stand out. The TStv TV channels provide a lot of quality programs which makes them even more attractive and unique.

It also screens some of the most crucial news that matters to Nigerians, including world and national events as well as political news which is essential for young adults, who are looking for an updated view of the world.

TStv Decoder Price in Nigeria

TStv Decoder is one of the most affordable decoders available in Nigeria. With the unique features that come with their service, you can be certain that you are opting for one of the best cable TV service providers in the country.

TStv Decoder Price in Nigeria

Depending on your location in Nigeria, the TStv decoder cost is between ₦12,000 – ₦15,000 (without the installation charge). With the installation charge, you will need to budget an additional ₦2000 – ₦5000 to have the TStv decoder installed in your home/office.

Remember to get the TStv decoder from an authorized dealer or reliable retailer in your area to avoid missing components or high costs.

Why is TStv Unique from other Cable TVs?

1. Flexible Subscription Rate

TStv offers flexible subscription plans which makes it very unique in the industry. Its flexible subscription rate is 200 Naira for 24 hours, 500 Naira for 3 days and 750 Naira for 7 days. All the plans are affordable and provide different choices to each subscriber.

2. Pause Active Subscription

TStv has this unique feature which allows the viewers to pause their subscription for 7 days and continue when they want; this feature is exclusive to TStv and is not available in any other cable TV service for now.

3. Personal Video Recorder Feature

PVR is a very important and useful feature for subscribers because it offers them the opportunity to pause, rewind, forward, save and record programs of choice on their decoders to watch when they want.

4. Wide spectrum of channels

TStv offers a varied list of programs, films and documentaries to choose from. It has a full range of features such as movies, music, interactive and a wide spectrum of sports coverage including general sports (football), tennis and basketball games and leagues. It is a great option for viewers who are keen on soccer in particular and want to be updated with the latest score and news.

5. Easy Installation

TStv is very easy to install, as it only needs a set-top box to be connected directly to a subscriber’s TV set through the cable. There are no complicated procedures to follow, nor do you have to worry about signal reception.

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The affordability of the TStv decoder price in Nigeria and the unique features make it one of the best cable TV service providers in the country.

The TStv decoder has the best quality and highest standards in the industry, and subscribers can get it at a price they can afford. You can be sure that you are getting good value for your money, with a business-friendly environment, a friendly team and added value.

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