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Palm oil, a staple in Nigerian cuisine, is a crucial ingredient in various dishes. While the demand for this versatile oil remains high, finding cost-effective options is essential for both individual consumers and bulk buyers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best 10 places, both offline and online, to buy palm oil at affordable prices in Nigeria.

Best Offline Locations:

1. Ebonyi State: Renowned for its high-quality palm oil, Ebonyi State offers excellent choices at reasonable prices. Key markets include:

  • Abakaliki International Market
  • Agoi Ibami Central Market
  • Ahia Ofu Market
  • Amebelu Market, and more.

2. Enugu State: Enugu State boasts top-notch palm oil known for its color, taste, and scent. While slightly pricier, the quality is worth the investment. Explore markets like:

  • Afor Opi Market
  • Ogbete Main Market
  • Nkwo Inyi Market, among others.

3. Imo State: Known for its delicious and affordable palm oil, Imo State markets provide great value for money. Check out markets such as:

  • Afor‐ajala market
  • Ahia Mgbirichi
  • Nkwo Amafor, and more.

4. Abia State: Abia State is a prime location for purchasing palm oil in commercial quantities. Key markets include:

  • Umuahia Ultramodern Market
  • Ahia Ohu Market.

5. Anambra State: Anambra State offers affordable palm oil in various markets across the region:

  • Afor‐ Udo Nanka
  • Eke Market Amichi
  • Nkwo Market, and more.

Best Online Platforms:

1. Excess Raw Foods: Explore a wide array of raw foods, including high-quality palm oil. Conveniently order online and have the product delivered to your doorstep.

2. Tradekey: Connect with palm oil sellers for bulk purchases, ideal for both local and international buyers looking to export. A seamless online platform for negotiation and payment.

3. Mile 12 Market Online: Known as Mile 12 online, this platform offers a convenient way to purchase palm oil and other food products with doorstep delivery options.

4. Jiji.ng: Famous for connecting buyers and sellers, Jiji.ng is a reliable platform for purchasing palm oil. Download the app, search for your desired quantity, negotiate, and arrange delivery.

5. Konga: Konga provides a diverse range of items, including palm oil. Select your product, add it to your cart, and complete the purchase for doorstep delivery.


This guide has highlighted the top 10 places in Nigeria, both offline and online, to buy affordable and high-quality palm oil. Whether you’re a local consumer or a bulk buyer, these locations and platforms offer excellent choices to meet your palm oil needs. If you know of other great locations, share them with us in the comments section below.

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