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Power supply challenges persist as a daily struggle for many Nigerians, prompting a surge in the demand for alternative energy sources. With escalating fuel prices due to subsidy removal, inverters have become a popular solution. Among them, the 5KVA inverter has gained significant traction. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the latest prices of 5KVA inverters in Nigeria, shedding light on essential factors to consider before making a purchase.

Latest 5KVA Inverter Prices in Nigeria:

  1. SONA 5KVA /48V Pure Sinewave Inverter: ₦350,000
  2. PZ Premium & Industrial 5Kva 24v Pure Sine Wave Inverter: ₦420,000
  3. 5KVA/24V SOCCER POWER INDIAN INVERTER (PURE SINE): ₦550,000 – ₦600,000
  4. 5KVA 24V Pure Sine Wave Digital Display Yohako Inverter: ₦500,000 – ₦700,000
  5. Foresolar 5kva 48v Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charger: ₦420,000
  6. Ipowerplus 5KVA/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter: ₦420,000 – ₦450,000
  7. 5kva 24v Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charger: ₦420,000
  8. Choice 5kva 48v Choice Pure Sine Wave Inverter: ₦590,000
  9. 5kva 24v Pure Sine Wave Wall Mount Inverter: ₦440,000
  10. Power Star 5kva 24v Pure Sine Wave Inverter: ₦399,000
  11. 5kva 48v Soccer Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave India: ₦485,000 – ₦680,000
  12. Mercury 5kva 48V Spirit Plus MPPT Solar Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charge Controller: ₦750,000
  13. Felicity Solar 5Kva 48v Hybrid Inverter With Inbuilt 6000W MPPT Controller: ₦470,000 – ₦495,000
  14. Two Fans Of PS MPS 5KVA 4KW Solar Hybrid Inverter: ₦40,825 – ₦70,387
  15. Mercury MI 5000 Digital 5KVA 48V Pure Sinewave Inverter: ₦890,000
  16. Galaxy Solar 5kVA Hybrid Solar Inverter: ₦480,000 – ₦680,000
  17. Two Fans Of PS MPS 5KVA 4KW Solar Hybrid Inverter Components And Parts To Replace When Inverter 01 Error Code Alarm: ₦40,825 – ₦70,387
  18. Felicity Solar 5Kva 48v Hybrid Inverter With Inbuilt 6000W MPPT Controller: ₦450,000 – ₦495,000
  19. SENTER Solar Hybrid Inverter 5KVA Power DC 48V To AC 220V With 80A MPPT Charge Controller: ₦800,000
  20. Felicity Solar Solar 5kva 48v Hybrid Inverter: ₦742,000 – ₦800,000

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Inverter:

Selecting the right inverter involves careful consideration of several factors. Here are key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Inverter Type:
    • Pure sine wave, modified sine wave, and square wave inverters each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Choose based on your application and load requirements.
  2. Power Rating:
    • Ensure the inverter’s power rating matches or exceeds the total power requirement of your devices. Consider surge power rating for high-current demand devices.
  3. Efficiency:
    • Higher efficiency results in less battery power consumption and longer backup time. Consider factors affecting efficiency, such as load level, temperature, and component quality.
  4. Features:
    • Look for features like automatic voltage regulation, overload protection, low battery alarm, LCD display, and USB ports to enhance performance and functionality.
  5. Price:
    • Compare prices based on type, power rating, quality, brand, and features. Consider your budget and requirements before making a decision.


Navigating Nigeria’s power challenges requires informed decisions when choosing a 5KVA inverter. This guide provides the latest prices and essential factors to consider, empowering you to make a wise investment. Stay tuned for updates as we continuously monitor the market, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips. Achieve reliable and uninterrupted power with the right 5KVA inverter tailored to your needs.

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