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In the bustling automotive landscape of Nigeria, finding reliable spare parts for your car can be a challenging yet crucial task. Whether you’re in search of Honda, Lexus, Volvo, Hyundai, Toyota spare parts, or any other car accessories, this comprehensive guide will navigate you through the best auto spare parts markets in Nigeria. Discover the top locations, including the renowned Ladipo International Auto Spare Parts Market in Lagos, as we explore the key players and the unique offerings of each market.

Overview of Nigeria’s Auto Spare Parts Market

A. All-encompassing Range: These markets cover a broad spectrum of auto parts, from engines and tires to batteries and more. B. Vehicle Diversity: Apart from catering to cars, these markets extend their offerings to trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other two-wheeled vehicles. C. Beyond Parts: Explore the convenience of purchasing car care items such as windshield washer fluid, air freshener spray, and tire sealant spray at these markets.

II. Ladipo Auto Spare Part Market, Mushin

A. Unmatched Variety: Ladipo Market stands as the largest auto spare parts store in Nigeria, boasting an extensive inventory of spare parts for almost every car imaginable. B. Promise Land Warehouse: Delve into Promise Land, a notable warehouse within Ladipo Market, renowned for offloading imported car spare parts, including rare finds. C. Comprehensive Experience: Ladipo Market isn’t just about auto parts; it’s a one-stop-shop for various goods, from second-hand cars to smart car gadgets and more.

Directions to Ladipo Auto Spare Part Market:

  • Take a bus heading to Oshodi.
  • Stop at the Toyota bus stop.
  • Cross over to the right-hand side to find warehouses with big red gates.

III. Owode Auto Market, Ikorodu

A. Local Focus: Unlike Ladipo Market, Owode specializes in metals found within Nigeria’s borders, dealing with scrap metal that is reconditioned. B. Vehicle Refurbishment: Discover a section dedicated to refurbishing damaged and well-used cars, making it a hub for car-related activities.

Directions to Owode Auto Spare Part Market:

  • From Mile 12, head to Ikorodu road.
  • Take a bus heading to Owode and request a stop at Owode Onirin or Iron Market.

IV. Iyana Itire Garage and Spare Part Market, Iyana-Itire

A. Diverse Offerings: This market is known for its wide range of rare and diverse cars and spare parts sourced from Malaysia, Germany, and Japan. B. Meeting Demand: Retailers here procure spare parts from various sources, ensuring availability, even for scarce parts.

Directions to Onitire International Modern Market & Iyana – Itire Garage, Auto Spare Part Market:

  • Take a bus from Oshodi heading to Apapa.
  • Stop at Iyana Itire, easily accessible from Surulere.

V. Other Car Spare Part Dealers

Explore a list of reputable dealers across Nigeria, including Mr. Parts Abuja, Al-madina Machineries Nig Ltd Kano, Basic Sharp Service (Nigeria) Limited Abuja, and many more.

VI. Best Places to Buy Car Spare Parts Online

Discover the convenience of online platforms like Boodmo, Amazon, Jiji, OLX, AuctionExports, and Flipkart, revolutionizing the purchase of automotive spare parts.


Whether you’re in Lagos, Anambra, Abuja, or Port Harcourt, this guide highlights the best places to buy car spare parts in Nigeria. From the bustling Ladipo Market to the local focus of Owode and the diverse offerings at Iyana Itire, navigate Nigeria’s auto spare parts market with ease. Embrace the convenience of online platforms for a seamless car part shopping experience. Don’t let your car breakdown catch you off guard—explore these markets and dealers to ensure you’re prepared for any automotive needs.

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