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One of the best small business ideas to invest in is one that solves people’s everyday needs, not only taking people’s solutions to their doorsteps. Many businesses are booming today because they supply what people need and then take it where they need it.  

One of the most comfortable and profitable businesses to start in Nigeria these days is the Supply business; this is because both sellers and buyers are always on the lookout for the easiest ways to get their goods and services delivered to them. 

If you are thinking of starting a business today, you should consider exploring one of the supply business ideas in Nigeria because many are willing to buy what solves their problems. Still, they need the solution delivered to their homes, offices, or companies. 

There are many supply business ideas in Nigeria you could venture in. People generate revenue considerably from the supply of goods and services demanded by various organizations. 

If you are already giving this a thought, read on to learn about the ten best supply business ideas in Nigeria you could start right away. 

Dropshipping products

What is a supply business? 

Supply business means any marketable business with a particular place of business that supplies goods and services essential to support the manufacturing of company products. It involves a procession of activities of distributing products and services from the manufacturing plant to the customer. 

The supply business is an intermediary between the manufacturer and the seller/end consumer of the goods and services. 

A supply business is profitable when you can build an extensive network of customers that gives your business the chance to grow successfully. 

List of best supply business ideas in Nigeria

There are supply businesses that are among the easiest business to start in Nigeria. In this section, we will talk about the ten best supply business ideas in Nigeria. 

Food Supply Business

Supplying both raw and cooked food is one of the easiest businesses you can start in Nigeria. Everyone eats at least twice a day. Many offices order in their lunch to stop the need for their staff to go out to find food, especially if there’s a lot of work to be done.

Many households with busy spouses also order raw and cooked foods because of their busy lifestyles. 

If you are not good at cooking, you can supply raw food to retail sellers or target households. If you are a good cook with some awesome recipes, introduce your food supply business to many organizations by offering free sample meals. 

Groceries Supply Business

Just like the food supply business, you can choose to supply groceries to households that get too busy to do their grocery shopping. 

Most supermarkets also go out to buy and restock products in their shops. 

You could help save more time by becoming a supplier to these supermarkets.  

If you are mobile, you can run the supply business yourself for a start or employ the service of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies and offer logistic services to supermarkets. 

Cooking Gas Supply Business

This is a new supply business idea in Nigeria, but trust me, it is fast rising. Many startups in Nigeria are moving toward supplying cooking gas directly to homes, corporate kitchens, and even restaurants, just like food supply. 

You can get many homes in the vicinity or community or a local government to subscribe to your cooking gas supply plan for less than they could have paid if they went out to buy it themselves with a good community engagement plan. 

Water Supply Business

Many small-scale businesses depend on water to survive in Nigeria today. In fact, to say water is scarce is an understatement. Many households also run from pillars to poles to get water daily.

The water supply business can help solve this kind of problem. You supply interested small-scale businesses and households with some quantity of water at an affordable rate. All you need for this business is direct access to purified water and tankers to use in the distribution. 

Diesel Supply Business 

Several organizations, private and government organizations, survive on constant electricity. To solve this issue, diesel generators have been brought to the rescue. To keep it running, it consumes a lot of diesel monthly. If you volunteer to supply diesel to these organizations to ease the stress of going out a lot in search of diesel, you will also make some cool cash. 

To start a diesel supply business in Nigeria,  you need to build a vast network while you get a sponsor for your diesel supplies due to the fluctuating prices of petroleum and diesel. 

Educational materials Supply Business

Growing private schools in Nigeria have made it a point of duty to provide all their students’ needs for their education, right from pencil, and pen, to books, textbooks, and other educational materials. You can sign a contract with such schools to supply most if not all of their educational materials at low prices. 

To start this business, you need to find out what such schools are interested in buying and get them at lower prices from manufacturers to sell to them at affordable prices. 

Engineering Equipment Supply Business

Engineering equipment is required to be supplied before work commences. Big organizations are often procuring engineering equipment. 

To start this kind of business in Nigeria, you need a vast network and connections, as many businesses are constantly bidding for this kind of supply business. 

Office Equipment And Furniture Supply Business

Office equipment, stationery, and furniture supplies are lucrative supply business ideas in Nigeria. Many organizations usually change their office furniture and equipment a lot. Sometimes they would need a different set of stationery, computer hardware & accessories. 

You can approach this kind of organization to let them know about your supply business and how capable you are of handling their supplies, and how you could fit into them if they choose to partner and list your business as one of their suppliers.

Haulage Business

Haulage is the business of moving goods by road or rail between suppliers and large consumer outlets, factories, warehouses, depots, or from one place to another. 

You could start a supply and logistics business that helps people move their products for immediate delivery.

Medical Equipment Supply Business

Medical equipment supplies is also another lucrative supply chain business to venture into; aside from making money from it, you add to saving a lot of life. Many hospitals run things that could save lives. You can choose to bridge this gap by being their medical equipment supply plug. 

Many hospitals need many medical materials supplies every month due to the large number of patients that come in and how they’re used. You could begin a medical equipment and material supply business and let various hospitals in your state know about your company.

Other Business Ideas

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If you are thinking of starting a business in Nigeria, you should consider the distribution of goods to the immediate users, and that’s why the supply business comes in. 

To start with, there are many supply business ideas in Nigeria you could start, as many Nigerians wish to purchase but going to get the products seems to be a barrier. You can choose to break this barrier by taking the products to those ready to pay. 

If you are considering the easiest business to start in Nigeria, you can consider starting with any of the 10 supply business ideas in Nigeria listed above.  Also, keep coming back to this blog to find business ideas.

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