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Planning a trip to Canada involves meticulous consideration of various factors, and one crucial aspect is understanding the cost of flight tickets. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of flight prices from Nigeria to Canada, shedding light on the influencing factors and providing valuable insights into visa fees for different categories.

Flight Ticket Prices from Nigeria to Canada:

The cost of flight tickets from Nigeria to Canada can vary significantly based on multiple factors. Factors such as the time of booking, day and time of the flight, fuel prices, and currency exchange rates all contribute to the fluctuation in prices. During peak travel periods, such as year-end vacations, ticket prices tend to rise due to increased demand.

For travelers, it’s essential to explore various airline options, compare ticket prices, and be mindful of the differences between one-way and return tickets. While one-way tickets are available, it’s advisable to book a return ticket, considering the expectation that you’ll have your return journey planned before departing Nigeria.

To secure the best deals, check airline portals, compare prices, and leverage authorized travel agents to book affordable flights online. Prices can vary, so a proactive approach to securing the most favorable rates is crucial.

Visa Fees for Different Categories:

Understanding visa fees is equally important, especially for those planning an extended stay or seeking permanent residency in Canada. Here’s an overview of visa fees for various categories:

Temporary Canada Visa:

  • Study Permit: CAD 150 (₦48,503)
  • Work Permit: CAD 155 (₦50,120)
  • Visitor Visa: CAD 100 (₦32,335)
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): CAD 7 (₦2,263)

Permanent Residence:

  • Permanent Resident Cards: CAD 50 (₦16,167)
  • Permit Holders Class: CAD 850 (₦274,852)
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee: CAD 515 (₦166,528)

Business Immigration:

  • Application Fee: CAD 2,140 (₦691,980)
  • Include Spouse or Partner: CAD 1,365 (₦441,380)
  • Include Dependent Child: CAD 230 (₦74,371)

Caregiver’s Immigration Visa Fees:

  • Application Fee: CAD 2,140 (₦691,980)
  • Include Spouse or Partner: CAD 1,365 (₦441,380)
  • Include Dependent Child: CAD 230 (₦74,371)

Economic Immigration:

  • Application Fee: CAD 1,365 (₦441,380)
  • Include Spouse or Partner: CAD 1,365 (₦441,380)
  • Include Dependent Child: CAD 230 (₦74,371)

Humanitarian and Compassionate:

  • Application Fee: CAD 1,085 (₦350,840)
  • Include Spouse or Partner: CAD 570 (₦184,312)
  • Include Dependent Child: CAD 155 (₦50,120)

Family Sponsorship:

  • Sponsor Your Relative: CAD 1,080 (₦349,223)
  • Sponsor Spouse or Partner: CAD 1,085 (₦350,840)
  • Sponsor Dependent Child: CAD 155 (₦50,120)

Parents and Grandparents:

  • Sponsor Your Parent or Grandparent: CAD 1,080 (₦349,223)
  • Include Spouse or Partner: CAD 1,085 (₦350,840)
  • Include Dependent Child: CAD 155 (₦50,120)

Spouse, Partner, or Children:

  • Sponsor Spouse or Partner: CAD 1,080 (₦349,223)
  • Sponsor Dependent Child: CAD 150 (₦48,503)


  • Adult (18 and over): CAD 630 (₦203,713)
  • Stateless Adult born to Canadian Parent: CAD 100 (₦32,335)
  • Minor (under 18): CAD 100 (₦32,335)

Other Citizenship Fees and Services:

  • Citizenship Certificate: CAD 75 (₦24,251)
  • Resume Your Citizenship (18 and over): CAD 530 (₦171,378)
  • Renounce Your Citizenship: CAD 100 (₦32,335)


  • Authorization to Return to Canada: CAD 400 (₦129,342)
  • Inadmissible on Criminality: CAD 200 (₦64,671)
  • Inadmissible on Serious Criminality: CAD 1,000 (₦323,355)

Other Applications and Services:

  • Biometrics: CAD 85 (₦27,485)
  • Employer Compliance Fee: CAD 230 (₦74,371)


As you embark on your journey from Nigeria to Canada, understanding the intricacies of flight ticket prices and visa fees is crucial. By staying informed and planning ahead, you can make well-informed decisions that contribute to a seamless travel experience. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone seeking permanent residency, this comprehensive guide serves as your go-to resource for navigating the complexities of travel and immigration from Nigeria to Canada. Safe travels!

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