How to Transfer Airtime on Glo (2023 Updates)

Are you one of the Glo customers that like to share airtime with family and friends?

Do you get stuck while trying to share?

Would you like to know how to transfer airtime on Glo?

If yes then continue reading this article because we will explain in detail how to transfer airtime on Glo.

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How To Transfer Airtime on Glo

You can easily transfer airtime from your Glo line to another Glo user using any of the three methods below;

They are;

  • Use of USSD Code
  • Dialling the Glo customer care
  • Sending a mail to the Glo customer care

How to Transfer Airtime On Glo using USSD Code

To transfer credit on Glo using the USSD just dial *131*Phone Number of recipient*Amount*Password#.

For illustration, if your password is 54321 and you wish to transfer #5,000 to this  Number 08155570458.

Just dial *131*08155570458*5000*12345#.

After sending the code you will receive a text message once the transfer is completed.

How to Transfer Airtime on Glo by calling the Customer Care

This is another option by which you can transfer airtime on Glo.

All you need to do is to dial their official customer care number 121.

Then wait to speak with an agent

After which the recipient will be credited with the amount you wish.

How to Transfer Airtime on Glo by Sending a mail to customer care

Your airtime can be easily transferred to your loved ones by sending a mail to customer care.

Make sure the subject of your mail is ‘l want to transfer airtime from my balance to another Glo number’.

Doing this will speed up the attention of customer care.

Do not forget to indicate the recipient’s number.

How to Change Glo Transfer Pin

You should note that before you can transfer on your Glo line you would have to change your default pin.

The default pin of all Glo subscribers is 00000

To change your pin just dial *132*00000*new pin*new pin#.

Assuming your new pin is 54321

Then dial *132*00000*54321*54321#

After changing your default pin to a new pin you will remember easily then you are good to go.

How to transfer airtime and Data on other networks


We are sure the above steps have explained how to transfer airtime on Glo.

Hence, you can easily share airtime with your friends and family.

However, it is important to note that any bonus airtime that comes with recharging cannot be transferred

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