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Are you a parent in Nigeria seeking the best for your little one’s skincare? Look no further than Johnson’s Baby, a renowned brand with over a century of expertise in creating gentle and mild products for babies. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only provide you with the latest prices of popular Johnson’s Baby products in Nigeria but also offer valuable tips on selecting the right products for your precious one.

Johnson Baby Products and Prices in Nigeria

Johnson’s Baby is synonymous with quality, and their products are available both in physical stores and online. Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular Johnson’s Baby products along with their prices, based on the latest market survey:

  1. Johnson’s Vita-Rich Bar Soap 125g (Pack of 6): From N4,000
  2. Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothing Body Lotion (400ml): From N4,300
  3. Johnson’s Baby Lotion (500ml): From N5,500
  4. Johnson’s 2pcs Vita Rich Brightening Body Lotion: From N12,600
  5. Johnson’s Baby Lotion (500ml), Oil (500ml), Powder (500gm) & Baby Perfume: From N6,500
  6. Johnson’s Bedtime Good-night Kisses Baby Gift Set – 5 Items + Reusable Caddy: From N12,000
  7. Johnson’s Bedtime Oil (300ml): From N3,500
  8. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (500ml): From N4,000
  9. Johnson’s Vita Rich Replenishing Soap (pack of 6): From N4,000
  10. Johnson’s Comforting Body Lotion Vita Rich: From N2,500
  11. Johnson’s Vita Rich Replenishing Body Lotion: From N5,500
  12. Johnson’s 2pcs Smoothing Body Lotion: From N7,500
  13. Johnson’s Baby Lotion (300ml): From N4,000
  14. Johnson’s Baby Bath (500ml): From N4,500
  15. Johnson’s Baby Lotion (500ml): From N5,500
  16. Johnson’s Baby Skincare: From N5,000
  17. Johnson’s Skin Nourish Shea & Cocoa Butter Lotion (800ml): From N6,500
  18. Johnson’s Baby Powder For Delicate Skin: From N5,000

Choosing the Right Baby Products

If you’re a first-time parent, the task of choosing the right baby products can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Consult with Your Pediatrician: Before diving into the world of baby products, consult with your pediatrician. Their medical training and exposure to various products make them valuable sources of advice. Ask for recommendations based on their expertise.
  2. Seek Information from Reputable Sources: In addition to your pediatrician, explore reputable sources online. Read blogs, product reviews, and social media posts to gather insights. However, always prioritize your doctor’s advice over online information.
  3. Purchase Products Specifically for Babies: When shopping for baby products, opt for those specifically manufactured for infants. Baby shampoos, lotions, and soaps are milder and often fragrance-free, safeguarding your baby’s skin from infections and toxins.
  4. Watch for Irritations: Babies’ skin can be sensitive, and irritations are not uncommon. If you notice any signs of discomfort or irritation, discontinue use immediately and consult your pediatrician for a swift resolution.


Navigating the world of baby products can be challenging, but with Johnson’s Baby, you can trust in a brand that has stood the test of time. Armed with our pricing guide and tips for choosing the right products, you can ensure your little one receives the care they deserve.

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