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In a world where perfection is a rare gem, the quest for an ideal fragrance becomes a delightful pursuit. Perfume oils, specifically those from renowned brands like Surrati, Lattafa, and Argeville, not only add a welcoming touch but also serve as a narrative of personal stories and mood enhancers in our daily lives. As the demand for authentic scents continues to rise, these alcohol-free, pure essential oils have become staples in the ever-expanding cosmetics markets of Dubai, France, the United States, Pakistan, and beyond.

Surrati Perfume Oils:

Originating from Saudi Arabia, Surrati has earned its reputation for crafting long-lasting fragrance oils with captivating scents. With a legacy spanning six decades, Surrati’s expertise has resulted in smooth, enduring, and lovingly aromatic products. The brand caters to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, offering a range of floral, musky, and oriental scents that boast superior quality and perfect balance. Surrati’s non-alcoholic fragrance line has successfully penetrated the French market, both within and beyond its geographical borders, making it a leader in the industry.

Lattafa Perfume Oils:

Lattafa, synonymous with top-notch Arabic designer perfumes, OUD, and fragrance oils, has been a trailblazer since its inception in 1982. Inspired by the word “verve,” signifying passion and energy, Lattafa has grown into an international brand, meeting the demands of markets in Kuwait, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and more. Founded by Mr. Sheikh Shahid Ahmad, Lattafa is celebrated for its diverse product range, satisfying the global palate for exquisite scents.

Argeville Perfume Oils:

Established in 1921, Argeville is a European perfume company headquartered in Mougins, France. With a daring approach to manufacturing perfume ingredients and fragrances, Argeville has become a global player with intentional offices in Moscow, Dubai, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bogota. The company, led by CEO Xavier Ardizio, is committed to developing flavors and fragrances with a fearless attitude.

Pricing Guide:

To assist fragrance enthusiasts in their quest for the perfect scent, we’ve compiled a pricing guide for Surrati, Lattafa, and Argeville perfume oils. Please note that the prices listed are in USD, and variations may occur due to shipping costs, port charges, and other logistics-related expenses.

Surrati Perfume Oil Prices:

  1. Musk Al Tahara (Unisex) – 100 ml – $55
  2. Avintus Kreed – 3 ml – $11
  3. 121 VIP – 100 ml – $35
  4. Hojo (Undiluted) – 100 ml – $30
  5. Fehranheit – 100 ml – $34
  6. Jadour – 100 ml – $36
  7. Suzan – 100 ml – $33
  8. Marbit Man – 100 ml – $37
  9. Hoyam EDP – 100 ml – $39
  10. Hakim – 100 ml – $40

Lattafa Perfume Oil Prices:

  1. Hayari Zalbi EDP – 100 ml – $20
  2. Opulent Musk EDP – 100 ml – $22
  3. Velvet OUD – 100 ml – $21
  4. Maahir Arabian – 100 ml – $26
  5. Forever Gold EDP (for Women) – 100 ml – $51
  6. Qaed Al Fursan (for Men) – 100 ml – $24
  7. Raed Luxe EDP – 100 ml – $28
  8. Lattafa Fakhar EDP – 100 ml – $27
  9. Temptation EDP (for Men) – 100 ml – $30
  10. Rasasi Daarej EDP (for Men) – 100 ml – $26

Argeville Perfume Oil Prices:

  1. White Sea Summer – ml – (Price not specified)
  2. Gold Reflection – ml – (Price not specified)
  3. Hollywood Glam – ml – (Price not specified)
  4. YYD Mahina – ml – (Price not specified)
  5. Pink Flamingo – ml – (Price not specified)
  6. Paname Paname – ml – (Price not specified)
  7. Velabianca Carb – ml – (Price not specified)
  8. Melilove – ml – (Price not specified)
  9. Pink Taffy Pastel – ml – (Price not specified)
  10. Fiora Ragazza – ml – (Price not specified)


Surrati, Lattafa, and Argeville Perfume Oils stand out as premier choices in the world of fragrances, offering exceptional quality and unique designs. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless scents of Surrati, the passion and energy embodied by Lattafa, or the daring attitude of Argeville, these perfume oils are sure to elevate your olfactory experience. As you embark on your fragrance journey, let the enchanting aromas of these renowned brands tell your story and enhance your daily moods and characteristics.

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