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In the ever-evolving world of Pay TV, TStv Africa emerged as a promising player, aiming to provide premium content similar to top operators like DStv but at a more budget-friendly rate. Boasting over 70 channels, TStv has swiftly become a popular choice in Nigerian households, giving tough competition to other affordable Pay TV options like Startimes and GOtv. In this blog post, we’ll explore TStv’s unique features, subscription costs, decoder prices, and where to purchase one in Nigeria.

TStv Packages and Subscription Costs:

TStv stands out for its affordable subscription costs and flexible payment system, allowing access to all channels even with lower payments. Here’s a breakdown of available TStv packages and their corresponding fees:

  • TStv Monthly Bouquet: N3,000 for 10GB
  • TStv 2 Weeks Bouquet: N1,500 for 5GB
  • TStv 10 Days Bouquet: N1,000 for 3GB
  • TStv Weekly Bouquet: N750 for 2GB
  • TStv 3 days Bouquet: N500 for 1GB
  • TStv Daily Bouquet: N200 for 500MB

How Much is TStv Decoder in Nigeria?

While decoder prices may vary among dealers, a general price range for the TStv decoder is N5,000 – N6,000. This includes the decoder, dish, and remote. If you opt for professional installation, the cost can range from N12,000 – N15,000. Keep in mind that online shopping sites may offer different prices, so it’s essential to check reviews before making a purchase.

Where to Buy TStv Decoder in Nigeria:

You can purchase TStv decoders from authorized dealers in electronic marketplaces. If you’re having trouble finding a dealer, the TStv website provides a location page where you can input your details to discover nearby dealers. Additionally, online shopping sites like Jumia or Konga may have the decoders in stock.

Features and Things You Should Know About TStv:

TStv’s growth in the Pay TV industry can be attributed to its unique features and affordability. Some notable features include:

  1. Flexible and Cheap Subscription: TStv offers flexible monthly, weekly, or daily subscription options, providing access to all channels regardless of the payment frequency.
  2. Subscription Pause: Users can pause their subscription for up to 7 days, ideal for those who need to travel and leave the decoder behind.
  3. Program Recorder: TStv’s decoder comes with a 50GB storage space for recorded shows.
  4. Pause/Play Feature: Similar to premium operators, TStv allows users to pause shows and resume at their convenience.
  5. Free Data: TStv users receive 20GB of data for internet browsing, with the amount determined by their subscription package.


While TStv presents an attractive option for affordable Pay TV in Nigeria, it’s important to consider potential downsides such as installation costs and signal strength. Overall, TStv’s unique features and cost-effective subscription plans make it a compelling choice for budget-conscious viewers in Nigeria.

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