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Embarking on a train journey in Nigeria has always been an adventure, and recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing the Warri-Itakpe train service. More than just a trip from one city to another, this journey provided a fascinating glimpse into the evolving world of train travel in Nigeria.

Warri-Itakpe Train Schedule:

The Warri-Itakpe route, a relatively new addition to Nigeria’s railway system, offers a unique travel experience with its modern facilities and efficient service. Here’s a detailed schedule of the Warri-Itakpe train trips from Mondays to Sundays:

  1. Warri – Itakpe Trip (WITS 01):
    • Departure from Ujevwu station Warri at 8:00 am
    • Final stop at Itakpe by 1:07 pm
  2. Itakpe – Warri Trip (WITS 02):
    • Departure from Itakpe by 2:00 pm
    • Final stop at Ujevwu station Warri at 7:07 pm

Warri-Itakpe Train Ticket Prices:

Affordability is a key aspect of the Warri-Itakpe train service. The ticket prices cater to a broad spectrum of passengers:

  • Warri to Itakpe (Business): N9,000
  • Warri to Itakpe (Regular): N5,000 (adults), N2,000 (children)
  • Warri to Uromi (Business): N5,500
  • Warri to Uromi (Regular): N2,500 (adults), N1,500 (children)

Facilities on the Warri-Itakpe Train:

Modern and well-maintained coaches provide a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. Key features include:

  • Air-conditioned coaches
  • Spacious and comfortable seats with ample legroom
  • Power outlets at each seat
  • Clean and hygienic restrooms
  • Onboard dining car offering a variety of snacks and meals
  • Sleeper section in certain coaches for longer journeys

Travel Tips:

To make the most of your Warri-Itakpe train journey, here are some essential tips:

  • Arrive early to navigate the check-in process smoothly
  • The train is known for its punctuality, so be on time
  • Carry essentials like water and snacks, especially if you have specific preferences or dietary restrictions

Historical Background:

The Warri-Itakpe Train Service is a remarkable rail network linking the bustling port city of Warri to the mineral-rich inland town of Itakpe. The project, initiated in 1987 to transport raw materials to the Ajaokuta Steel Mill, finally made its debut in 2020. Plans are underway to extend the railway further, connecting it to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.


The Warri-Itakpe train service not only provides a convenient and affordable mode of transportation but also offers a unique and enjoyable travel experience. Whether you’re a local commuter or a curious traveler, exploring Nigeria by train has never been more exciting.

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