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Designing a bathroom is a unique challenge, balancing aesthetics with practicality. While a visually appealing decor is essential, prioritizing safety should be the first consideration. This blog post aims to provide valuable insights into selecting the best bathroom tiles in Nigeria, with a focus on safety, water resistance, and easy maintenance.

Prioritize Safety and Water Resistance

The bathroom, being a high-moisture environment, requires tiles that are both slip-resistant and water-resistant. Prioritize the safety aspect by choosing tiles with a non-slip surface. Additionally, opt for water-resistant tiles, as they are not only easier to clean but also prevent water damage in the long run. Larger tiles, with fewer grout lines, contribute to easier maintenance.

Tile Options and Prices

  1. Ceramic Tiles:
    • Budget-friendly option.
    • Suitable for walls and floors.
    • Absorbs liquids but offers good value for money.
    • Prices range from N1,200 – N1,750.
  2. Porcelain Tiles:
    • Affordable and water-resistant.
    • Ideal for high-traffic areas.
    • Polished and unpolished varieties available.
    • Prices range from N2,500 – N4,000.
  3. Natural Tiles:
    • Made from stones like marble, slate, and quartz.
    • Expensive but offers a unique, earthy feel.
    • Riven texture in slate provides a non-slip surface.
    • Prices range from N5,500 – N8,000.
  4. Glass Tiles:
    • Great for walls, providing a glossy look.
    • Not recommended for floors unless graded as non-slip.
    • Prices range from N12,000 – N15,000 per square meter.

Tips for Maximizing Your Bathroom Tiles

  1. Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger:
    • Place tiles diagonally for the illusion of a larger space.
    • Consider using smaller tiles for a similar effect.
  2. Make a Large Bathroom Feel Cozier:
    • Use larger tiles on the floor and walls to create a cozy atmosphere.
    • Larger tiles are easier to install and fill spaces quickly.

 How to Calculate Tile Quantity

  1. Measure Your Bathroom:
    • Measure length, width, and height if tiling walls.
  2. Calculate Square Footage:
    • Multiply length by width for the floor.
    • Multiply height by length for adjacent walls.
    • Double the adjacent wall values for all four walls.
  3. Determine Total Square Footage:
    • Add floor and wall square footage.
  4. Divide by Tile Size:
    • Divide total square footage by tile size (e.g., 30 x 30).
  5. Determine Tile Packets Needed:
    • Divide the result by the number of tiles in a packet.


Choosing the right bathroom tiles involves balancing safety, aesthetics, and practicality. By prioritizing slip-resistant and water-resistant options and considering factors like size and material, you can create a stylish and functional bathroom. Use the provided tips and guidelines to make an informed decision, ensuring your bathroom is both beautiful and safe.

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