Slot Phones Price List in Nigeria Today (February 2023)

When making reference to reliable tech stores in Nigeria, no doubt, Slot will never be sidelined. 

This is so because of its not incredible cluster service relation and it being one of the best mobile phone and relative accessories stores. 

Slot phones price list in Nigeria is inarguably more affordable than mobile phone prices in other dealers’ stores. That’s why this article is going to focus mainly on the prices of phones at slot Nigeria limited. 

People feel adequate information about Slot is not being provided even with the rate at which people patronize the store, more reason this article is written to give you up to date and adequate information on the price list of their mobile phones.  

What is Slot Nigeria Limited?

Slot Nigeria Limited is one of the prominent and leading tech stores in Nigeria.  

One could conceivably take a slot as the largest store where Nigerians get great phones, laptops, and other gadgets at considerable and affordable prices. 

Slot is rated one of the best among the mobile phone stores in the country because it offers deals that make the purchase affordable for customers.

Slot is accessible in all of the following locations in Nigeria: Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, FCT, Owerri, Benin, and other cities. For other parts of Nigeria air without Slot stores, their e-commerce store can be accessed anytime.

Slot Phones Price List in Nigeria

Mobile Phones at Slot Nigeria are made available at each of their stores spread across major cities in the country, at incredibly affordable prices. 

This section contains the recent Slot phone price list in Nigeria according to their brands. 

It should be noted that prices of phones at slot Nigeria listed here are as at the time of composing this article. Slot Nigeria phone prices might change due to the exchange rate, period of purchase, and other things but the difference won’t be large.

Price of Tecno Phones in Slot Nigeria

tecno phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria 
Tecno Camon 19 4GB/128GB (CI6)₦118,500
Tecno Camon 19 6GB/128GB₦142,000
Tecno Camon 19 PRO 8GB/256GB (CI8) 4G₦187,500
Tecno Camon 19 PRO 8GB/256GB (CI7n) 5G₦224,500
Tecno Spark 9 PRO 4GB/128GB (KH7)₦114,000
Tecno Spark 9T 4GB/64GB (KH6)₦92,000
Tecno Spark 9T 4GB/128GB (KH6)₦101,500
Tecno POVA Neo LE6 4GB/64GB ₦84,800
Tecno Spark 8C 2GB/64GB (KG5J)₦67,500
Tecno Spark 8C 3GB/64GB (KG5K)₦72,000
Tecno Spark 8P 4GB/64GB (KG7H)₦83,000
Tecno Spark 8P 4GB/128GB (KG7H)₦88,000
Tecno POP 6 GO 32GB/2GB (BE6)₦48,500
Tecno POP 6 GO 32GB/2GB (BE6J) 4G₦54,500
Tecno POP 5 PRO 2GB/32GB (BD4J) 4G ₦59,900
Tecno POP 5 2GB/32GB (BD2P)₦53,000
Tecno POP 5P 2GB/32GB (BD3)₦52,500
Tecno POP 2f₦37,800
Tecno T372₦9,700
Tecno T101₦7,300
Tecno T301₦7,300

Price List of Apple Phones in Slot Nigeria

Apple phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
iPhone 13 Pro Single SIM 512GB₦901,600
iPhone 13 Pro Single SIM 256GB₦830,000
iPhone 13 Pro Single SIM 128GB₦760,000
iPhone 13 Single SIM 256GB ₦660,000
iPhone 13 Pro Max Dual SIM ₦1,029,000
iPhone 13 128GB Single SIM ₦534,400
iPhone 13 PRO Max 128GB Single SIM ₦800,000
iPhone 13 PRO Max 256GB Single SIM ₦860,000
iPhone 13 256GB Dual SIM ₦850,000
iPhone 13 128GB Dual SIM ₦672,000
iPhone 12 128GB Single SIM [NON ACTIVATED]₦520,000
iPhone 12 Mini 256GB Single SIM₦506,800
iPhone 12 PRO Max 128GB Single SIM [NON ACTIVATED]₦719,000
iPhone 12 PRO Max 256GB Single SIM [NON ACTIVATED]₦765,000
iPhone 12 PRO 256GB Single SIM [NON ACTIVATED]₦653,100
iPhone 12 64GB Single SIM [NON ACTIVATED]₦489,000
iPhone SE 128GB – 2022₦380,000
iPhone SE 64GB – 2022₦350,000

Price List of Samsung Phones in Slot Nigeria 

samsung phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 12GB/256GB ₦1,132,000
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 12GB/512GB₦930,000
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 12GB/256GB₦866,000
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G 8GB/256GB₦679,000
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G 8GB/128GB₦543,000
Samsung Galaxy A73 8GB/256GB₦343,900
Samsung Galaxy A73 6GB/128GB 5G₦309,900
Samsung Galaxy A53 6GB/128GB 5G₦257,900
Samsung Galaxy A53 8GB/128GB 5G₦268,900
Samsung Galaxy A33 6GB/128GB 5G₦211,900
Samsung Galaxy A23 4GB/128GB₦147,900
Samsung Galaxy A23 4GB/64GB₦138,900
Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE 4GB/128GB₦119,900
Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE 4GB/64GB₦108,900
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 3GB/32GB ₦112,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 6GB/128GB₦442,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 8GB/256GB ₦485,000
Samsung Galaxy A03 Core 2GB/32GB ₦57,900
Samsung A03s 4GB/64GB₦88,900
Samsung A03s 3GB/32GB₦78,900
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 256GB₦663,000

Nokia Phones Price List in Slot Nigeria

Nokia Phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Nokia 105 Dual SIM (SIMBA) 2022 EDITION₦7,200
Nokia 110₦9,710
Nokia 110 4G₦20,300
NOKIA 150 ₦18,400
Nokia 210₦19,600
Nokia C1 ₦40,200
Nokia C10 2GB/32GB ₦49,700
Nokia C10 1GB/32GB ₦48,200
Nokia C21 2GB/32GB ₦63,100
Nokia C21 Plus 2GB/64GB ₦73,500
Nokia C30 2GB/32GB ₦72,400
Nokia C30 3GB/32GB ₦76,200
Nokia G10 3GB/32GB ₦78,300
Nokia C30 3GB/64GB ₦79,900
Nokia G10 4GB/64GB ₦84,900
Nokia G20 4GB/64GB ₦93,000
Nokia G20 4GB/128GB ₦105,600
Nokia T20 4GB/64GB  (SINGLE SIM)₦139,100
Nokia X10 6GB/128GB ₦161,000
Nokia X20 8GB/128GB (5G) ₦190,200

Infinix Phones Price List in Slot Nigeria

Infinix phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Infinix Smart 6 2GB/32GB 3G (X657)₦59,000
Infinix Smart 6 2GB/32GB 4G (X657)₦64,200
Infinix Smart 6 PLUS 2GB/32GB 4G (X6511G)₦66,600
Infinix Hot 12i 2GB/64GB (X665)₦73,600
Infinix Hot 12i 3GB/64GB (X665)₦78,100
Infinix Hot 12i 4GB/64GB (X665B)₦80,900
Infinix Hot 12 PLAY 4GB/64GB (X66816)₦91,000
Infinix Hot 12 PLAY 4GB/128GB (X66816)₦97,000
Infinix Hot 12i 4GB/128GB (X6819)₦109,200
Infinix Hot 11 4GB/128GB (X663)₦116,000
Infinix Note 10 PRO 8GB/128GB (X695)₦136,700
Infinix Note11i 4GB/64GB (X693)₦90,400
Infinix Hot 11 Play 4GB/128GB (X689F)₦90,500
Infinix Hot 12 4GB/128GB (X663)₦127,500
Infinix Hot 12 4GB/128GB (X6817)₦109,900
Infinix Note 12 8GB/128GB (X670)₦146,200
Infinix Note 11 Pro 8GB/128GB ₦148,000
Infinix Zero X 8GB/128GB ₦165,000
Infinix Zero X PRO 8GB/256GB ₦181,300
Infinix Note 12 VIP 8GB/256GB (X672)₦230,600

Itel Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria 

itel Phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Itel 2160₦6,200
Itel 2173₦7,200
Itel A33 Plus 1GB/16GB ₦28,000
Itel A14 Plus 512MB/16GB ₦21,600
Itel A16 Plus 1GB/8GB ₦28,700
Itel A25 PRO 2GB/32GB (4G)₦35,600
Itel P17 PRO 2GB/32GB (3G)₦44,200
Itel P17 PRO 4G ₦44,700
Itel S17 1GB/16GB ₦44,000
Itel A58 LTE 2GB/32GB ₦45,000
Itel P38₦50,400
Itel A58 PRO 2GB/32GB ₦50,700

Price List of Huawei Phones in Slot Nigeria

Huawei Phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Huawei Y9a Prime 8GB/128GB₦156,000
Huawei Nova Y70 4GB/128GB ₦113,000
Huawei Nova Y60 4GB/64GB ₦113,900
Huawei Nova 9SE 8GB/128GB ₦190,000
Huawei Nova 8i 8GB/128GB ₦201,700
Huawei Nova 9 8GB/128GB ₦288,000
Huawei MatePad T10S 4GB/64GB ₦160,000
Huawei MatePad T10S 2GB/32GB ₦141,500

Price List of Vivo Phones in Slot Nigeria

Vivo Phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Vivo Y1S 2GB/32GB₦61,900
Vivo Y15s 3GB/32GB ₦85,900
Vivo Y21 4GB/64GB ₦109,900
Vivo Y33s 4GB/128GB ₦133,900
Vivo Y53s 8GB/128GB ₦152,900
Vivo V23e 8GB/128GB (5G)₦186,900
Vivo V21 8GB/128GB ₦164,000

Xiaomi Redmi Phones Price List in Slot Nigeria

Redmi Phones
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Xiaomi Redmi 9A 2GB/32GB ₦59,900
Xiaomi Redmi 9C 3GB/64GB ₦84,500
Xiaomi Redmi 9C 4GB/128GB₦92,500
Xiaomi Redmi 9C 2GB/32GB₦74,500
Xiaomi Redmi 10A 3GB/64GB₦79,500
Xiaomi Redmi 10A 2GB/32GB₦69,900
Xiaomi Redmi 10A 4GB/128GB₦91,900
Xiaomi Redmi 10C 4GB/64GB ₦90,900
Xiaomi Redmi 10C 4GB/128GB ₦101,900
Xiaomi Redmi 10 4GB/128GB (2022 EDITION)₦114,500
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 4GB/128GB ₦130,500
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 6GB/128GB ₦142,500
Xiaomi Note 10s 6GB/128GB ₦135,900
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s 6GB/128GB ₦156,000
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s 8GB/128GB ₦165,000
OPPO A76 6GB/128GB ₦154,000
Xiaomi POCOM4 PRO 6GB/128GB ₦148,000
Xiaomi POCOM4 PRO 8GB/256GB ₦172,000
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 PRO 8GB/128GB₦200,000

Oppo Phones Price List in Slot Nigeria

Oppo Phone
Phones Price in slot Nigeria
Oppo A16K 3GB/32GB ₦87,700
Oppo A16K 4GB/64GB ₦97,800
Oppo A16 4GB/64GB ₦114,000
Oppo A55 4GB/64GB ₦134,800
Oppo A55 4GB/128GB ₦145,000
Oppo Reno 5 8GB/128GB ₦179,900
Oppo A96 8GB/256GB ₦194,000
Oppo Reno 7 8GB/256GB ₦264,600

Price last updated: October 31st 2022

We are making efforts to provide you with the most accurate price, if you notice any discrepancy, please contact us or leave a comment below with the current price.

List of Slot Stores in Nigeria

Slot BranchAddressSlot LocationContact
Slot Nigeria Head OfficeNo 2b, Medical RoadIkeja, Lagos State+234-8096330985 +234-8055499358
Slot Computer Village Branch15/19 Ola-Ayeni StreetIkeja, Lagos State+234-8096330985 +234-8055499368
Slot Ikeja City Mall Alausa IkejaGsm Village Branch
Block A, Shop 2 Airport Bus Stop.
Ikeja, Lagos State+234-7028415477 +234-8055499378
Slot Opebi Branch19 Opebi Road, Awosika B/StopIkeja, Lagos State+234-8079660933
Slot Unilag BranchSuite 2, 2001 Cafeteria, New Hall Shopping Complex, New Hall Bus-StopUniversity Of Lagos, Akoka Yaba, Lagos State+234-8100408549 +234-8055499411
Slot Surulere Branch67 Adeniran Ogunsanya Street  Surulere, Lagos State+234-8191595440 +234-8055499365
Slot Sangotedo BranchFJCP+6XH, Lagos-Epe Exp Road, Eti-OsaSangotedo, Lagos State+234-9062083771
Slot Lekki BranchA5 & A6 Cherub Mall Before Chevron Roundabout Opp Alpha Beach Bus/stopLekki, Lagos State+234-8033913202 +234-8055499430
Slot Lekki Phase 1 BranchNo10, Gabby Ade Street, Admiralty WayLekki, Lagos State+234-8028651477 +234-8129990618
Slot Marina Branch51/52 Marina RoadLagos Island, Lagos State+234-8053976088 +234-8052057451
Slot Victoria Island Branch 113a, Saka Tinubu Street. Victoria IslandVI, Lagos State+234-8055499376
Slot Victoria Island Branch 21296, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria IslandVI, Lagos State+234-8070592024
Slot Apapa Branch 195, Kofo Abayomi Street, Opp. Ceaser’s Palace, Apapa WharfApapa, Lagos State+234-8055499364
Slot Apapa Branch 23, Caulcrick Road, Off Kofo Abayomi, ApapaApapa, Lagos State+234-7058791005
Slot Nigeria Festac Branch51 Road, 512 Junction, Festac TownFestac, Lagos State+234-8190409086 +234-8055499417
Slot Oshodi BranchThe Nigerian Army Arena
Arena Complex, Shop C5, 01, 02, 19 & 20 Bolade Bus-Stop
Oshodi, Lagos State+234-8055499410 +234-8169313791
Slot Ikorodu Branch75, Lagos Road, IkoroduIkorodu, Lagos State+234-8072990187 +234-8072990188
Slot Alaba Branch127, Olojo Drive, Ojo Road Alaba Int’l, Ojo AlabaAlaba, Lagos State+234-8070592025
Slot Abuja BranchSuite C16/17 New Bannex Plaza Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse 2.Wuse, Abuja+234-8055699617
Slot  Abuja Branch 2466, Ahmadu Bello Way, Beside Eddy-Vic HotelAhmadu Bello Way, Abuja+234-8056293012 +234-8056293013
Slot Porthacourt OfficeNextime Trading Coy, Sani Abacha RdPort Harcourt+234-8055499425 +234-8055499427
Slot Porthacourt Branch 2178 Aba Rd, Opp Stanbic Ibtc, Areta PlazaPort Harcourt+234-8055499426 +234-8055499425
Slot Abeokuta Branch19 Lalubu Road Oke-Ilewo AbeokutaAbeokuta, Ogun State+234-8055499400 +234-8055499401
Slot Sango Ota Branch56, Idi Iroko Road Sango, Otta,Sango Otta, Ogun State+234-8055499402 +234-8055499403
Slot Ibadan BranchNo, 121 Iwo Road, Abayomi B/Stop, Simisola House Ibadan.Ibadan, Oyo State+234-8112193965
Slot Eket Branch68, Eket Oron Road Eket, Akwa-Ibom State+234-7042774461 +234-8055499415.
Slot Uyo BranchPlot 69, Line A Nddc Road, Ewet Housing EstateUyo State+234-8055499406 +234-8055499407
Slot Akure Branch33, Oyemekun Road Opposite Wema BankAkure, Ondo State+234-8168117322 +234-805499404,
Slot Calabar Branch18 Ndidem Usiang Iso Besides Lions Club ParkCalabar, Crossriver State+234-8191846150 +234-8055499409
Slot Ilorin 127 Murtala Muhammed WayIlorin, Kwara State+234-9093140448
Slot Ilorin 2183, Ibrahim Taiwo RoadIlorin, Kwara State+234-9093140449  
Slot Ife BranchNo, 35 Ife Ile-Sha Road Opp. Damilac Filling Station, Mayfair Ile–IfeIle–Ife, Osun State+234-8055499422 +234-7044034832
Slot Osogbo BranchPlot 2 Ayedun Estate Gbongan Road, Beside Former Access Bank BuildingOsogbo, Osun State+234-8055499435 +234-8055499436
Slot Warri BranchNo.7 Airport RoadWarri, Delta State+234-8055499420 +234-8055499421
Slot Asaba Branch287 Nnebuisi Road AsabaAsaba, Delta State+234-8055495157
Slot Kano BranchNo 2 Zaria Rd Gyadigy Gyadi /JaojiKano State+234-8099355042
Slot Ekiti OfficeAdebayo Estate, Former Eksu Health Centre beside Energy Petrol Station, Adebayo Road.Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State+234-8079856807, +234-8079857094
Slot Enugu Branch44 Opkara Avenue, Enugu North L.G.A.Enugu State+234-8079857157 +234-8079857135
Slot Benin Branch89, Ekenwan Road, Beside UbaBenin City, Benin State+234-8079890491 +234-8079890492
Slot Aba Branch120a Aba Owerri Road, Beside Keystone Bank,
Opposite Abia State Polytechnic
Aba, Abia State+234-8056293010 +234-8056293011
Slot Owerri Branch68 Wetheral Road, Ikenegbu JunctionOwerri, Imo State+234-8111798963

Wrap Up

Slot Nigeria is one of the reputable tech stores that provide Nigerians with a wide range of phones, gadgets, laptops, and other tech accessories. It gives plausible discounts that make Nigerians want to buy more.

With the recent Slot phone price list in Nigeria, it is inarguably evident that slot Nigeria gives the best bargain and provides the best when it comes to mobile phones. 

Slot stores are located in the main cities in Nigeria. For a valid price list of other items at Slot stores, you can also check out the official website of Slot Nigeria Limited. 

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