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Are you looking for unskilled Jobs in the UK? The UK Seasonal Worker Visa 2023 is a Temporary Work visa that allows applicants from any country to come for seasonal Jobs such as picking fruit and vegetables or flowers, poultry Seasonal Worker, or horticulture. You are allowed to work and stay in the UK for up to 6 months. You will most like to work on Farms.

The Unskilled Jobs are not for everyone. Like if you have a higher education qualification, so why you will apply for Seasonal Work Visa? But there are no restrictions. From my point of view, the biggest benefit of the UK Seasonal Worker Visa is that there is no IELTS requirement, as well as no previous work experience or skills needed for this visa. So, in this post, we will tell you how to Get UK Seasonal Worker Visa in 2023.

Details About UK Seasonal Worker Visa 2023 for Unskilled Jobs

  • Job Country: UK
  • Job type: Seasonal Jobs
  • Visa type: Seasonal Work Visa
  • Salary: £10.42/hr
  • Who can Apply: Open to all countries

When to Apply for the UK Seasonal Work Visa?

To Apply for the seasonal work visa uk, you have to keep the deadline in mind.

  • For Horticulture Seasonal Workers such as Farming, Fruit, Vegetable Picking, and Packing: You can apply at any time of the year.
  • For Poultry Seasonal Worker Deadline: 15th November of each year.

Financial Benefits for Applicants who are on Seasonal Work Visa in the UK

Applicants who are on a seasonal work visa in the UK for six months will be provided with:

  • Hourly wage of £10.42/hr
  • Accommodation: The employer who will offer you a job for seasonal work will be responsible to provide a Free accommodation.
  • Health Insurance.

Why you should Apply for the Seasonal Work Visa UK?

You should apply for the UK Seasonal Worker Visa because:

  • It is not a complex Visa
  • You don’t have to provide a lot of documentation.
  • You don’t have to show IELTS Test
  • You don’t have to provide a huge Bank statement.
  • You do not need any previous experience.

How long you can Stay?

You can stay in the UK for up to 6 months. 

Types of Seasonal Work Visa Jobs in the UK

  • Horticulture:
  • Poultry Jobs.

Eligibility Criteria

You’ll need to:

  • Have a sponsor, sponsor means the one who is offering you a Job.
  • A certificate of sponsorship reference number from your UK sponsor.
  • Enough money to support yourself in the UK – you’ll usually need to have at least £1,270 available (unless you’re exempt). Unless your sponsor can cover your costs during your first month in the UK, up to £1,270
  • You must be 18 or over when you apply.

How to Find UK Seasonal Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs?

Now this is the important part how to Find unskilled Jobs in the UK? You must apply for the Job in a registered licensed sponsors company.

The company must be registered by the UK Government. The UK Government has published a List of organizations licensed to sponsor workers on the Worker and Temporary Worker.

  • Visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/register-of-licensed-sponsors-workers
  • Download a List or View it online
  • Once you download it, open a file and write “Seasonal Worker”. It will list all registered companies.

Eligible Countries

Applicants from all countries can apply for the UK Seasonal Worker Visa.

Cost of UK Seasonal work visa

The Visa Application fee is £259.

How to apply for UK seasonal Worker Visa in 2023?

Once you have successfully secured a Job, and you have a Job offer from the UK. You can then apply for the Seasonal Worker Visa for UK.

  • You will need to have a Job offer from a registered UK Company.
  • You will have to complete all documents.
  • You will need to apply online for the seasonal worker visa from here.
  • Once you click on apply online, they will ask where you want to work like England, Scotland, and Wales.
  • Then you will click on continue, it will ask about your passport, select Yes or No according to that.
  • After that, you need to select your current country and start the online application form.
  • After completing, you need to pay the application fee and wait for the call for biometrics.

For Skilled worker Jobs in the UK with a Higher Education Degree, you may apply for the UK Companies Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship Jobs.

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