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Tricycles, affectionately known as “Keke NAPEP,” have become an integral part of Nigeria’s urban transportation landscape. Renowned for their flexibility, convenience, and ability to navigate through tight spaces, tricycles are now a popular choice for public transportation across the country. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the evolution of tricycles in Nigeria, explore the prices of popular brands, and provide valuable insights for potential buyers.

Evolution of Tricycles in Nigeria:

Over time, tricycles have gained widespread acceptance in Nigeria, particularly in densely populated cities. Their practicality in accessing areas with poor road conditions has contributed to their popularity. While safety concerns persist, tricycles remain indispensable, offering flexibility and ruggedness, surpassing the limitations of traditional automobiles in certain scenarios.

Tricycle Prices in Nigeria:

As one of the largest markets for tricycles globally, Nigeria boasts a variety of brands with distinct features. Here are the prices of brand new tricycles from popular manufacturers:

  1. Bajaj Tricycle: Starting from N1,500,000
  2. Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel Engine): Starting from N1,450,000
  3. Daylong Tricycle: Starting from N1,600,000
  4. TVS Tricycle: Starting from N1,200,000

For budget-conscious buyers, fairly used tricycles offer a cost-effective alternative:

  1. Bajaj Tricycle: Starting from N450,000
  2. Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel Engine): Starting from N400,000
  3. Daylong Tricycle: Starting from N500,000
  4. TVS Tricycle: Starting from N400,000

Popular Tricycle Brands in Nigeria:

  1. Piaggio: Known for maximum fuel efficiency, Piaggio has gained popularity since its inception in India in 1999.
  2. Bajaj: A well-established and affordable brand, Bajaj is highly sought after in the tricycle market.
  3. Suzuki: Renowned for durability and efficiency, Suzuki’s tricycles are considered among the best in the industry.

Other notable brands include Vespa, Zongshen, and more.

Where to Buy Keke NAPEP in Lagos & Abuja:

For those looking to purchase a brand new tricycle, reputable outlets in Lagos and Abuja include:

  • Emel Automobiles
  • De Akasten Nike Nigeria Limited
  • Serodam Enterprises
  • Boulos Enterprises
  • Hilcom Automobile
  • Saint Mercy Investment Limited
  • K.F. Ajadi Nig. Enterprises
  • Ezeigbo Tricycle/Keke Napep
  • Double Dove Nigeria Limited
  • Cisse Motors
  • Crystal-Castle Motors
  • Zhope Automobiles Nigeria Limited
  • Oas Imperia Nigeria Limited
  • Amaecom Global Nigeria Limited

Factors to Consider When Buying a Keke Napep:

  1. Brand Reputation: Consider well-established brands known for manufacturing high-quality products.
  2. Budget: Determine your budget and choose a tricycle within that range.
  3. Fuel Consumption: Assess the fuel economy of the tricycle, as this impacts your overall expenses.
  4. Spare Parts Availability: Opt for tricycles with readily available and affordable spare parts.
  5. Durability: Evaluate the tricycle’s durability to ensure a long-lasting investment.


Navigating the world of tricycles in Nigeria involves considering various factors, from prices and brands to essential buying tips. Whether you’re a potential buyer or someone intrigued by the evolution of these street transport staples, this guide aims to provide valuable insights for an informed decision.

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