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Refrigerators have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, preserving our food and keeping our drinks cool. At the heart of this essential appliance lies the compressor, a crucial component responsible for the refrigerating system. In this blog post, we will explore the prices of fridge compressors in Nigeria, delve into the key components of the refrigeration system, and demystify the workings of this vital appliance.

Fridge Compressor Prices in Nigeria:

Your refrigerator’s compressor is akin to its heartbeat, circulating refrigerant through the system. When the compressor malfunctions, experts recommend replacement over repair. To aid in your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a list of fridge compressors along with their prices in the Nigerian market . Please note that prices may vary due to factors like the exchange rate and customs duties.

  1. Master-Bilt 03-15426 Compressor, Ae4440Y-Aa1A 115/60: N255,000
  2. ACOPOWER Outdoor Solar Freezer and Cooler, Fridge -4°F 16/32/42/52: N350,000
  3. Frigidaire 5304475102 Compressor Kit for Refrigerator: N200,000
  4. QE Fractional Refrigerator Compressor 1/4 Hp/120 V/50-60 Hz/R134A/LBP: N95,000
  5. LG TCA36411702 Genuine OEM Compressor for LG Refrigerators: N180,000
  6. GE WR87X10111 Genuine OEM Compressor Kit for GE Refrigerators: N590,000
  7. QE Fractional Refrigerator Compressor 1/2 HP/120 V/50-60 Hz/R134A/LBP: N122,000
  8. LG TCA35111303 Genuine OEM Compressor for LG Refrigerators: N325,000
  9. LG TCA35911910 Refrigerator Compressor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part: N350,000
  10. True 842406 Aka4476Yxa Ak169Ah-047A4 Compressor: N1,135,000
  11. True 925003 Component for J2212Gkt, 208-230/60 Hz: N1,080,000

For smaller refrigerators, here are some fairly used compressors:

  1. 12/24v DC Solar Powered Compressor (75W): N120,000
  2. Refurbished refrigerator compressor: N40,000
  3. Smart inverter fridge compressor: N45,000
  4. Bosch Dual Compressor for fridge and freezer: N140,000
  5. Samsung Inverter Fridge Compressor: N60,000
  6. LG Inverter Refrigerator Compressor: N160,000

Components of the Refrigeration System:

Understanding how the refrigeration process works involves familiarizing ourselves with key components in the system. While the compressor acts as the heart, other crucial components include:

  1. Compressor: Acts as a pump, increasing the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant.
  2. Condenser: Cools the vaporized refrigerant, turning it into a liquid.
  3. Evaporator: Absorbs heat from the air, converting high-pressure liquid refrigerant into a gas.
  4. Expansion Orifice or Valve: Vaporizes high-pressure liquid, turning it into a cold, low-pressure gas.
  5. Refrigerant Piping: The highway for heat relocation, with large and small pipes conveying gas between components.

How Your Compressor Works:

Two popular compressor types, rotary and reciprocating, power refrigerators. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Rotary Compressor: Utilizes a helical screw or vane to displace low-pressure gas, increasing pressure and moving gas through the system.
  2. Reciprocating Compressor: Employs a back-and-forth motion, compressing refrigerant gas before distributing it through the system. Driven by an electric motor, it rotates and pushes a piston.

Understanding the mechanics and costs of refrigerator compressors allows for informed decisions, ensuring your appliance continues to serve its crucial role in preserving your perishables. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, and it’s advisable to stay updated on market changes.

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