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Building your dream home is a significant milestone, but navigating the complexities of construction can be challenging. Understanding where to start and budgeting appropriately are crucial for a smooth building process. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the costs involved in constructing a 4-bedroom bungalow from scratch in Nigeria.

Overview of Costs :

When planning to build a 4-bedroom bungalow, it’s essential to estimate the costs involved in various stages. Below is a breakdown of the estimated costs as of July 17, 2021:

  1. Substructures: N3,375,000 – N6,750,000
  2. Frames: N270,000 – N540,000
  3. Internal & External Walls: N350,000 – N940,000
  4. Roofing: N1,350,000 – N2,700,000
  5. Doors: N675,000 – N1,350,000
  6. Windows: N1,215,000 – N2,430,000
  7. Wall Finishes: N1,350,000 – N2,700,000
  8. Floor Finishes: N1,080,000 – N2,160,000
  9. Ceiling Finishes: N405,000 – N810,000
  10. Plumbing Installations: N675,000 – N1,250,000
  11. Electrical Installations: N675,000 – N1,450,000
  12. Fittings & Fixtures: N540,000 – N1,080,000

Total Estimated Cost: N13,500,000 – N27,000,000

Factors Influencing Costs:

Estimating the actual cost of building a 4-bedroom bungalow is challenging due to several factors. Factors such as location significantly impact the overall expenses. For instance, building in Lagos may differ from constructing in Ondo State or Northern Nigeria. The provided breakdown considers these variations, with the estimated cost ranging from N13.5m to N27m.

 Stages Involved in Building Subtitle:

  1. Buying a Piece of Land: Purchasing land is the initial step, and prices vary based on location. It’s advisable to acquire more than a plot for ample space.
  2. Cost of Drafting a Building Plan: Hiring an architect for the building plan costs between N50,000 and N400,000, depending on complexity and location.
  3. Foundation Stage Plus Soakaway: Testing soil type before foundation construction is recommended. Costs vary based on the foundation type chosen.
  4. Setting to Lintel Level: The blockwork, labor, sand, lintel casting, and other materials contribute to the expenses at this stage.
  5. Roofing: Roofing constitutes a significant portion of the budget. Costs depend on the type of roofing material and workforce strength.
  6. Finishing Stage: Budget for plastering, wiring, plumbing, windows, doors, flooring, and other expenses. Costs are influenced by materials, labor, and location.


Building a 4-bedroom bungalow involves careful planning and budgeting. In addition to the estimated costs provided, it’s crucial to set aside funds for unforeseen miscellaneous expenses during construction. This comprehensive guide aims to assist aspiring homeowners in navigating the intricacies of building their dream home.

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