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In today’s tech-driven world, the need for robust computer performance is ever-growing, making internal hard drives a crucial component for seamless operation. As the demand for increased storage capacity surges, the market offers a plethora of options, each varying in capacity and price. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the prices of popular internal hard drive brands available in Nigeria, helping you make an informed decision for your computer system.

Seagate Internal Hard Drives in Nigeria

  1. Seagate 500 GB: Starting at an affordable N15,000.
  2. Seagate 1 TB: Priced from N20,000.
  3. Seagate 2 TB: Available from N30,000.
  4. Seagate 3 TB: Starting at N33,500.
  5. Seagate 6TB Desktop / CCTV DVR Hard Disk Drive: Priced at N65,000.

Western Digital Internal Hard Drives in Nigeria

  1. Western Digital 500 GB: Beginning at N14,000.
  2. Western Digital 1 TB: Priced from N18,000.
  3. Western Digital 3 TB: Available from N30,000.
  4. Western Digital 4 TB: Starting at N33,000.
  5. Western Digital 10 TB: Priced from N120,000.
  6. Western Digital 8 TB: Available at N105,000.

Transcend Internal Hard Drives in Nigeria

  1. Transcend 512 GB (SATA): Priced at N45,000.
  2. Transcend 480 GB (SATA III): Available from N67,750.

Samsung Internal Hard Drives in Nigeria

  1. Samsung 500 GB: Starting at N24,000.
  2. Samsung 250 GB: Priced from N12,000.
  3. Samsung 256 GB: Available from N14,000.
  4. Samsung 2 TB: Starting at N89,000.

Dogfish Internal Hard Drives in Nigeria

  1. Dogfish 240 GB (solid-state drives): Priced at N18,500.
  2. Dogfish 120 GB (solid-state drives): Available from N12,500.
  3. Dogfish 30 GB (solid-state drives): Starting at N8,000.
  4. Dogfish 512 GB (solid-state drives): Priced at N50,000.

Toshiba Internal Hard Drives in Nigeria

  1. Toshiba 500 GB: Starting at N15,000.
  2. Toshiba 1 TB: Priced from N21,000.
  3. Toshiba 60 GB (SATA III): Available from N8,000.
  4. Toshiba 250 GB (SATA III): Starting at N13,000.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing:

  1. Capacity Needs: Assess your storage requirements based on your usage, whether it’s for everyday tasks, gaming, or professional applications.
  2. Performance: Consider the speed and technology of the hard drive, especially if you’re looking for faster data access.
  3. Reliability: Opt for trusted brands known for durability and reliability, such as Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Transcend, Dogfish, and Toshiba.
  4. Budget: Compare prices to find the best value for your budget, keeping in mind the balance between capacity and cost.

By weighing these factors, you can confidently choose the internal hard drive that suits your needs. Happy computing!

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