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Water, the elixir of life, sustains us all. In Nigeria, the bottled water business has burgeoned into a vast industry, with numerous brands vying for consumer trust. In this blog post, we’ve conducted a thorough survey to present you with the best-bottled water brands in Nigeria, complete with their prices as of June 1, 2023. Let’s delve into the details and explore the criteria used to select these top contenders.

Best Bottled Water Brands in Nigeria:

  1. CWAY Table Water:

    • Price: From N70
    • CWAY Table Water, crafted by CWAY Nigeria Limited, caters to customer demands by providing easy access to healthy, high-quality bottled table water. With an attractive and portable 750ml or 75CL bottle, it’s ideal for personal use, home, parties, and restaurants.
  2. Aquapac Limited:

    • Price: From N100
    • Based in Lagos, Aquapac Limited produces premium bottled water free from impurities and taste. Widely available in top supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels in Lagos, it stands as one of Nigeria’s best water producers.
  3. Eva Table Water:

    • Price: From N150
    • Produced by Coca-Cola, Eva Table Water undergoes rigorous processes to ensure purity and healthiness. With a nutrition chart boasting zero calories, fats, and sugars, it meets all the criteria for excellent drinking water.
  4. Nestle Bottle Water (Nestle Pure Life):

    • Price: From N120
    • Sourced from spring water, Nestle Bottle Water undergoes meticulous testing at every production stage, ensuring both water and packaging meet the highest standards. Available in various outlets, it stands out as a top global bottled water brand.
  5. Ragolis Bottle Water:

    • Price: From N120
    • Ragolis Waters Limited, a stalwart in the industry for over three decades, produces high-quality bottled water. Recognized by the Standard Organization of Nigeria, Ragolis has earned the Certificate of Quality Management System.
  6. SWAN Table Water:

    • Price: From N150
    • SWAN Table Water, sourced from the natural spring in Kerang Hills, Plateau State, undergoes rigorous processes to ensure high quality. Enriched with minerals like potassium, bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, SWAN is a trusted choice.


Choosing the best-bottled water involves considering key factors such as odorlessness, absence of visible particles, lack of contamination, mineral richness, and a taste that is essentially neutral. The brands highlighted here not only meet these criteria but also offer transparency in their production processes.

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