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Are you tired of cheap perfumes that promise a pleasant scent but end up smelling worse than rotten eggs? In Nigeria, finding budget-friendly fragrances that actually deliver on quality can be a challenge. However, we’ve curated a list of affordable perfumes that not only smell great but also provide long-lasting freshness. Discover these pocket-friendly options available in Nigeria and where to find them online.

Adidas Pure Game EDT for Men – N3,000 to N3,500:

A timeless option for men on a budget, the Adidas Pure Game EDT boasts a refreshing blend of grapefruit, bergamot, pink pepper, rose, jasmine, violet, amber, patchouli, benzoin, and musk. Launched in 2011, it remains a top choice for those seeking a fragrance that keeps them smelling fresh throughout the day.

Emper Lady President Perfume for Women – N3,000 to N3,500:

Designed for women who appreciate both quality and affordability, the Emper Lady President Perfume offers a superior scent that won’t wear off quickly. With superior quality and value for money, this fragrance is a must-try for the budget-conscious.

Fragrance World Brown Orchid Oud Edition Unisex EDP – N2,500 to N3,000:

A luxurious and sensual option for both men and women, the Fragrance World Brown Orchid Oud Edition features a unique blend of ingredients for a fresh and long-lasting scent. With strong sillage and finest Indian & Cambodian Oudh, this perfume is a steal at its affordable price.

Elizabeth Arden Beauty EDP for Women (100ml) – N6,000 to N6,500:

Despite being introduced in 2002, the Elizabeth Arden Beauty EDP for Women remains a favorite for those willing to invest a bit more. With a floral green scent comprising bergamot, rhubarb, sandalwood, and orchid, this perfume offers long-lasting freshness for women with a sizable budget.

Black Leather EDP for Him – N4,000 to N4,200:

For a more masculine fragrance, the Black Leather EDP for Him stands out. With 48 hours of lingering fragrance, a non-staining formula, and a cool manly scent, this perfume is an excellent choice for men seeking a long-lasting and affordable option.

Night OUD EDT – Unisex – N4,000 to N4,500:

Unisex perfumes often come at a high price, but the Night OUD EDT breaks the trend by providing long-lasting freshness at an affordable price. This perfume doesn’t stain and offers an extended period of wear before dissipating.

Midnight OUD EDP Perfume for Men – N3,000 to N3,300:

Ideal for men seeking a more intense fragrance, the Midnight OUD EDP Perfume exudes confidence and is sure to turn heads. With an affordable price range, this perfume offers a distinct and captivating scent.

Adidas Intense Touch EDT – 100ML – N3,500 to N4,000:

Adidas introduces the Intense Touch EDT for men who want a slightly intense fragrance without breaking the bank. Known for its long-lasting freshness, great masculine smell, and non-staining formula, this perfume is a budget-friendly gem.

Euroluxe Red Soul EDT for Men – N3,900 to N4,200:

Perfect for hot weather, the Euroluxe Red Soul EDT for Men keeps you fresh all day, even in the face of sweat. Offering a pleasant fragrance at an affordable price, this option is a go-to for men on a budget.

Prestige Cosmetics Perfume for Men – N2,200 to N2,500:

Say goodbye to stains with the Prestige Cosmetics Perfume for Men. This affordable yet high-quality fragrance provides long-lasting freshness and a nice, sweet-smelling experience for men seeking an effective and budget-friendly option.

Jeanne Arthes Rocky Man EDT – N4,800 to N5,000:

Crafted with notes of lemon, basil, neroli, cedar, musk, sandalwood, and artemisia, the Jeanne Arthes Rocky Man EDT is a masterpiece for men who take their scent seriously. Priced affordably, this perfume delivers a unique and captivating fragrance.

Pure Black Perfume for Men – N4,500 to N5,000:

Affordable, effective, and exuding a matured and masculine fragrance, the Pure Black Perfume for Men is a top choice for those who want to smell fresh all day without breaking the bank.

24k Perfume for Men – Less than N5,000:

Despite its name, the 24k Perfume for Men is surprisingly affordable, offering a luxurious scent that makes you smell like a million bucks. Priced at less than N5,000, this perfume is a budget-friendly option for those seeking sophistication on a dime.


Say goodbye to unpleasant cheap perfume experiences with these affordable options available in Nigeria. Whether you’re looking for a masculine or feminine fragrance, these perfumes not only smell great but also provide long-lasting freshness without burning a hole in your pocket. Explore the online marketplaces like Jumia to easily get your hands on these budget-friendly gems.

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