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Welcome to the world of Bismid creams, a household name in Nigeria’s cosmetic industry! Known for their exceptional quality and consistency, Bismid has become a go-to brand, particularly celebrated for their range of whitening creams. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the popular Bismid creams available in Nigeria, their prices, and why they’ve become a sensation in the skincare realm.

Bismid Creams and Prices in Nigeria:

Bismid Cosmetics Extra Smooth Shirley – From N5,000 Experience the luxury of the Extra Smooth Shirley cream, priced at an affordable N5,000.

Bismid Half Cast Whitening Facial Toner – 150 ml –From N7,000 Achieve that perfect glow with the Half Cast Whitening Facial Toner, available at N7,000.

Bismid Cosmetics Face Toner 100 ml – From N3,500 For a refreshing experience, try the Face Toner at a reasonable price of N3,500.

Why Choose Bismid Creams:

  1. Effectiveness: Bismid creams are renowned for their effectiveness, especially the whitening cream, with noticeable results within a few days of usage.
  2. Variety: Catering to diverse skincare needs, Bismid offers a variety of creams, from whitening to special treatment formulations, ensuring there’s a product for everyone.
  3. Readily Available: Enjoy the convenience of finding Bismid creams at numerous cosmetic stores nationwide or easily ordering online through various platforms.

About Bismid Products:

Bismid stands tall in Nigeria’s cosmetic industry, manufacturing a wide array of skincare products, including creams, body scrubs, liquid soaps, and more. While their whitening cream takes the lead, Bismid’s products are hailed for efficiency, manufactured in Surulere Lagos, and readily accessible across the country.

A Note of Caution:

While many applaud the efficacy of Bismid products, some users have reported side effects, often stemming from overuse. It’s crucial to follow recommended guidelines for optimal results and to minimize any potential adverse reactions.


Bismid creams offer a compelling solution for those seeking effective skincare products in Nigeria. With a range of options to choose from, accessible prices, and a proven track record, Bismid continues to be a top choice for skincare enthusiasts across the nation.

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