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In the dynamic landscape of business, a solid education in business administration or management can be a game-changer. In Nigeria, a country brimming with talent and potential, several top-notch business schools stand out as beacons of knowledge and excellence. If you’re considering advancing your business acumen in Nigeria, it’s crucial to explore the best business schools and understand their offerings and fees. Let’s delve into the details.

Fees of Leading Business Schools in Nigeria:

Attending a business school comes with an investment in your future. Here are the fees for some of the best business schools in Nigeria, providing you with a glimpse into the financial aspect of this educational journey:

  1. Lagos Business School (Full-time MBA):
    • Total Fees: N10.2 million
  2. West Africa Business School:
    • Fees: Not publicly advertised (contact the school for details)
  3. International School of Management:
    • Starting from N4.8 million
  4. African Business School:
    • Fees: Not publicly advertised (contact the school for details)

Exploring the Best Business Schools in Nigeria:

To be considered among the best, a business school must excel in faculty quality, student performance in international examinations, global collaborations, and alumni achievements. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top business schools in Nigeria.

  1. Lagos Business School:

    • Location: Lekki, Lagos State
    • Established: 1991
    • Programs: Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Doctoral Programs
    • Accolades: Ranked among the top open enrollment business schools globally for the past 14 years; Financial Times ranked it as the number one business school in Africa for 2020.
  2. West Africa Business School:

    • Mission: To create and nurture intellectual assets supporting the African economy.
    • Growth: Campuses in Nigeria, Ghana, and The Gambia.
    • Approach: Emphasis on online studies and entrepreneurship development.
  3. International School of Management:

    • Location: Lagos State
    • Uniqueness: Dynamic application of skills and capabilities to translate knowledge into actionable insights.
    • Faculty: Visionary educators, industry specialists, and leaders in various business domains.
  4. African Business School:

    • Location: Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja
    • Affiliations: Associated with Magner Carter College (UK) and other prestigious global institutions.
    • Courses: Wide range including finance, marketing, risk management, and administration.

Other Notable Business Schools in Nigeria:

  • Metropolitan School of Business
  • Delta School of Business and Technology
  • Unicaribbean Business School
  • GPE Business School


Choosing the right business school is a pivotal step toward a successful business career. The highlighted institutions in Nigeria offer diverse programs, experienced faculty, and global affiliations. Whether you aspire to enroll in Lagos Business School, West Africa Business School, International School of Management, or African Business School, each promises a unique educational journey. Stay informed about the fees and offerings to make the best decision for your future. Elevate your business expertise in Nigeria, where knowledge meets excellence.

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