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Food holds a special place in our lives, and in Nigeria, flour is a staple that finds its way into various dishes, from bread and cookies to pizza and donuts. As a price-sensitive market, consumers in Nigeria closely monitor and adjust their lifestyles according to prevailing price trends. In this guide, we’ll explore the types of flour available in Nigeria, delve into popular brands, and understand the factors influencing flour prices in the country.

Types of Flour in Nigeria:

While wheat flour remains the most consumed type, Nigeria boasts a diverse range of flour products made from different agro commodities. These include Coconut Flour, Bean Flour, Plantain Flour, Wholemeal Flour, Yam Flour, and Oat Flour.

Popular Flour Brands and Prices:

Key players in the Nigerian flour industry include Honeywell, Dangote, Mama Gold (Olam), and Golden Penny. Here are the average market prices for a 50kg bag of flour from these brands:

  • Dangote Flour: ₦11,500 to ₦13,500
  • Golden Penny Flour: ₦11,500 to ₦15,000
  • Honeywell Flour: ₦11,500 to ₦13,000
  • Mama Gold Flour: ₦10,500 to ₦13,000

Factors Influencing Flour Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Demand and Supply: The forces of demand and supply play a crucial role in determining flour prices. Socio-economic conditions also contribute to market fluctuations.
  2. Importation: Nigeria heavily relies on wheat imports, primarily from the United States. Exchange rates of the US dollar directly impact flour prices due to the significant gap between domestic wheat production and demand.

Dangote Flour Variants:

Dangote offers four main flour variants catering to different baking needs:

  • Dangote Bread Flour (most popular)
  • Dangote Confectionery Flour (for snacks)
  • Dangote All-purpose Flour (versatile for baking)
  • Dangote Whole Wheat Flour (nutrient-rich)

Golden Penny Flour Variants:

Golden Penny provides a variety of flour options, including:

  • Golden Penny Prime Flour (for various recipes)
  • Golden Penny Multi-purpose Flour (affordable and versatile)
  • Golden Penny Confectionary Flour (ideal for confectionery)
  • Golden Penny Soft Biscuit Flour (specifically for biscuits)


With various flour options available in Nigeria, consumers can choose based on their preferences and baking needs. Understanding the factors influencing flour prices, such as importation and demand, provides valuable insights for both consumers and businesses. Whether it’s the popular Dangote Flour or the diverse range from Golden Penny, Nigeria’s flour market continues to thrive, offering a wide array of choices for the discerning consumer.

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