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Building a house, especially one intended for rental purposes, requires careful planning to strike the right balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. In this detailed cost estimate, we’ll break down the expenses involved in constructing four 3-bedroom flats, helping you gain a clear understanding of what to expect at each stage.

Pre-Building Costs:

  1. Survey: N100,000
  2. Architectural Design: N100,000
  3. Lawyers Agreement Cost: N30,000

Stage 1 Construction – Setting the Foundation: Materials:

  • 80 tons of sand: N120,000
  • 50 tons of granite: N170,000
  • 150 bags of cement: N247,500
  • 2500 stone-dust blocks: N425,000
  • BRC Wire Mesh: N135,000
  • Planks and nails: N75,000
  • Water supply: N22,000
  • Iron bars for foundation columns: N130,000
  • Laterite for backfilling: N150,000
  • Two 2500 liters tanks: N70,000

Summary: N1,544,500


  • Setting out, pegs, and profiles: N15,000
  • Clearing of site and road: N50,000
  • Digging of foundation trenches: N100,000
  • Casting of foundation concrete: N40,000
  • Setting of foundation blocks: N100,000
  • Backfilling of foundation: N70,000
  • Iron bending for reinforcement: N50,000
  • Formwork for columns and DPC: N30,000
  • Casting of DPC: N70,000
  • Digging of 2 soakaway pits and 2 septic tanks: N60,000

Summary: N585,000

Other Costs:

  • Architect’s supervision: N150,000
  • Contingencies: N100,000

Grand Total of All Costs (Stage 1): N2,379,500

Note: Costs can be adjusted to N1.9 million or less without compromising quality.

Stage 2 Construction: Materials:

  • 60 tons of sand: N105,000
  • 25 tons of granite: N85,000
  • 150 bags of cement: N337,500
  • 4500 stone-dust blocks: N900,000

Total: N1,427,500

Formwork for Lintel, Beam, and Columns:

  • Wood and nails: N84,000

Iron Rods for Lintels, Beams, and Columns:

  • Various sizes: N220,750

Summary: N1,732,250


  • Setting of block walls: N180,000
  • Formwork and ironworks: N90,000
  • Casting of structural elements: N320,000
  • Contingency: N100,000
  • Architect’s Supervision: N150,000

General Summary (Stage 2): N2,302,250

Additional Costs to Consider:

  • Fencing: N300,000 – N500,000
  • Plastering: Over a million (varies based on preferences)
  • Other details like PVC ceilings, POP ceilings, floor tiling, aluminum windows, burglary proof, doors, fittings, wirings, roofing, plumbing, and labor are based on personal taste and material choices.


this comprehensive estimate provides a roadmap for the cost of constructing 4 flats. Whether you’re aiming for affordability or luxurious finishes, this breakdown guides you through the stages, allowing for flexibility in meeting your budgetary needs.

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