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In Nigeria, the significance of ultrasound scans in medical diagnoses cannot be overstated. Whether it’s for investigating abdomino-pelvic issues, monitoring fetal development during pregnancy, or addressing various medical concerns, ultrasound technology plays a pivotal role. In this article, we delve into the current cost of ultrasound scans in Nigeria in 2023, shedding light on the factors influencing prices and essential information about the procedure.

Cost of Ultrasound Scan in Nigeria:

Ultrasound, or ultrasonography, employs high-frequency sound waves to generate live images from within the body, aiding medical professionals in accurate diagnoses. As of 2023, the average cost of ultrasound scans in Nigeria ranges from ₦5,000 to ₦20,000. However, it’s crucial to note that prices vary across hospitals and diagnostic centers. Government hospitals generally offer more affordable rates compared to private facilities, with costs fluctuating based on the specific body part to be scanned and any prescribed medications.

Personal Experience:

For instance, a recent abdomino-pelvic ultrasound scan at a Lagos-based diagnostic center cost ₦8,000. While these figures provide a general overview, it’s essential to be aware that ultrasound scan prices may change over time.

Understanding Ultrasonography:

Ultrasonography involves the use of high-frequency sound waves to project images of internal body organs on a screen, facilitating precise medical diagnoses. This technology enables sonographers to examine internal structures without invasive procedures. Besides detecting the root cause of illnesses, ultrasonography is widely utilized for monitoring fetal development during pregnancy and examining various body parts, including the neck for thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Procedure and Safety Measures:

During an ultrasound scan, a transducer emits and collects sound waves and their echoes. Ultrasound gel is applied to the patient’s skin to ensure accuracy as the transducer moves across the area to be examined. This non-invasive method is radiation-free, making it the preferred choice for monitoring developing babies during gestation.

Preparing for an Ultrasound Scan:

Patients preparing for ultrasound scans should follow their doctor’s instructions diligently. Depending on the body part to be scanned, fasting for approximately 12 hours may be required to obtain clear images. For specific scans, such as abdomino-pelvic exams, avoiding fatty foods is recommended. Additionally, instructions about maintaining a full bladder or taking medications may be provided, emphasizing the importance of communicating with the doctor beforehand.

Uses of Ultrasound Scan:

Ultrasound scans are versatile in diagnosing and treating diseases. Commonly examined organs include the liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid and parathyroid glands, testes, and ovaries. Beyond organ examination, ultrasonography aids in identifying tumors, soft tissue issues, and musculoskeletal problems, including frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome, based on medical practitioner recommendations.


This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the current cost of ultrasound scans in Nigeria for 2023, along with essential information about the procedure, preparation, and uses. As technology advances and medical practices evolve, staying informed about the cost and benefits of ultrasound scans ensures individuals make informed decisions about their healthcare.

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