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DSTV, the unrivaled leader in Nigeria’s cable/pay TV landscape, has consistently delivered quality entertainment since its establishment in 1995. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the current prices of DSTV decoders and subscription plans in Nigeria for the year 2023.

DSTV Decoder Prices:

  1. DSTV HD Decoder Bundle: ₦19,900
    • Includes dishkit and one month free compact subscription.
    • Installation cost: ₦20,000 – ₦30,000 (location-dependent).
  2. DSTV Explora Bundle: ₦160,000
    • Massive upgrade from HD decoder.
    • Comes with dishkit, Smart LNB, and one month free compact subscription.
    • Installation cost: Up to ₦120,000.

DSTV Subscription Plans:

  1. DSTV Premium Subscription Plan: ₦24,500/month
    • 160+ channels, 38 HD channels.
    • Highlights: Latest movies, award-winning series, comprehensive sports (16 SuperSport channels), free Showmax streaming.
  2. DSTV Compact Plus Subscription Plan: ₦16,600/month
    • 145+ channels, 30 HD channels.
    • Highlights: Best Nigerian shows, extensive football coverage (Champions League), UFC & NBA, award-winning documentaries.
  3. DSTV Compact Subscription Plan: ₦10,500/month
    • 130+ channels, 20 HD channels.
    • Highlights: Premier League, FA Cup, international and Nigerian movies, kids and educational channels, local and international news.
  4. DSTV Confam Subscription Plan: ₦6,200/month
    • 105+ channels, 10 HD channels.
    • Highlights: Family entertainment, lifestyle, music, documentaries, La Liga, Serie A, Europa League.
  5. DSTV Yanga Subscription Plan: ₦3,500/month
    • 85+ channels, 7 HD channels.
    • Highlights: Great movies on Africa Magic, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, kids and educational channels, local and international music.
  6. DSTV Padi Subscription Plan: ₦2,500/month
    • 45+ channels, 1 HD channel.
    • Highlights: Nigerian programs, kids’ content, movies, music, sports news.


With DSTV’s diverse range of decoders and subscription plans, tailored to various preferences and budgets, Nigerians can enjoy unparalleled entertainment. Whether you opt for the affordable Padi plan or the premium Premium plan, DSTV continues to be the go-to choice for quality cable TV in Nigeria. Stay connected, stay entertained!

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