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Welcome to the ultimate guide for pizza enthusiasts in Nigeria! Domino’s Pizza stands as the go-to pizza delivery service, delighting customers with its commitment to delivering delicious pizzas crafted from top-quality ingredients. In addition to a mouthwatering array of specialty pizzas, Domino’s offers an extensive menu featuring Chicken Suya, Desserts, Cheesy Bread, Potato Wedges, and much more. Let’s dive into the details, including prices and how to order your favorite treats.

Domino’s Pizza Nigeria Price List:

Here’s a snapshot of Domino’s Pizza prices in Nigeria, featuring an array of Specialty Pizzas, Smallie options, Bread selections, Potatoes & Yams, Chicken items, and Desserts:

  1. Specialty Pizza:

    • Chicken Suya, Deluxe, Meatzza, Southern Style BBQ Chicken, Beef Suya, Sweet n’ Hot, Shawarma Pizza, Spiced BBQ Chicken Delight, Pepperoni Supreme, Veggie Supreme, BBQ Beef, BBQ Chicken, Meatpie, Chicken Supreme, Chicken Pie, Smoked BBQ Sausage, Chicken Bali, Extravaganza, BBQ Mega Meat, Half & Half, Margarita.
  2. Smallie:

    • Smallie Sweet Marghie, Small Chicky Pie, Smallie Beefie Suya, Smallie Fiery Suya, Smallie Smokie Sausage, Smallie Meatie Pie.
  3. Bread:

    • Breadsticks, Cinnastix, Cheesy Bread, Pepperoni Stuffed Bread, Chicken Stuffed Cheesy bread, Stuffed Meat Pie Bread, Shawarma Roll, Chicken Pie, Meat Pie, Small Chops, Sausage Roll Plain, Sausage Roll BBQ Cheese, Sausage Roll Cheese.
  4. Potatoes & Yams:

    • French Fries, Cheese Potato Wedges, Loaded Potato Wedges, Double Loaded Potato Wedges.
  5. Chicken:

    • Chicken Kickers, Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips Small, Chicken Strips Large, Suya Wings, Suya Bites.
  6. Dessert:

    • Founders Favourites, Melted Choco Pocket, Lava Cakes, Chocolate Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza Nigeria:

Menu & Ingredients: Explore the diverse pizza offerings, from the tantalizing Chicken Bali to the savory Extravaganza and the meaty Meatzza. Each pizza boasts unique ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors. The extensive menu also includes delectable bread options, potato and yam treats, an array of chicken delights, and tempting desserts.

How to Buy Domino’s Pizza Products in Nigeria:

Satisfying your pizza cravings is a breeze with Domino’s Pizza. Visit any of their nationwide outlets to make a purchase or opt for the convenience of online ordering.


Domino’s Pizza in Nigeria continues to uphold its mission of delivering mouthwatering pizzas crafted from high-quality ingredients. With a diverse menu catering to various tastes and preferences, Domino’s remains a top choice for pizza lovers across the country. Place your order today and experience the joy of savoring delicious pizzas and more from Domino’s Pizza Nigeria!

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