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In Nigeria, where power challenges persist, the demand for reliable generators has led to the emergence of various brands. However, one name stands out – Elemax. Hailing from Japan, Elemax has established itself as a trusted provider of top-quality generators, catering to the diverse energy needs of Nigerian homes and businesses. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of Elemax generators, exploring their types, specifications, and how to distinguish between genuine and fake products.

Current Prices of Elemax Generators in Nigeria:

  1. Elemax 2.5kVA: N200,000 – N330,000
  2. Elemax SH5300EX 4.8kVA (key): N849,000 – N999,500
  3. Elemax SH11000 10kVA (key): N2,500,000 – N2,800,000
  4. Elemax SH3200 2.6kVA (manual): N356,700 – N430,000
  5. Elemax SH3900EX 3.3kVA: N370,600 – N450,000
  6. Elemax Diesel Generator 7.5kva Shx8000di: N2,460,000 – N2,800,000
  7. Elemax SH7600ex 6.5kVA: N720,000 – N800,000
  8. Elemax SH7000DX: N600,000 – N250,000

Spotting Original Elemax Generators:

Authentic Elemax generators are exclusively manufactured in Japan by Sawafuji Electric Co. To identify genuine products, check for the “Made in Japan” label on the generator. Any deviation in the brand name, such as “Elemaxx” or “Elamax,” indicates a counterfeit product. Additionally, the model number may differ from the original. Look for “Sawafuji” and “Honda” on the generator body, affirming its authenticity.

Elemax Generators Product Line-Up and Specs:

Elemax offers a diverse range of generators to meet various needs:

  1. Value Series (Petrol): 2.0kVa – 5.5kVa
  2. EX Series (Petrol): 2.2kVA – 7.6kVA
  3. SHX Series (Petrol): 900W – 1900W
  4. Heavy Duty Generators (Petrol): 8.5kVA – 22kVA
  5. Heavy Duty Generators (Diesel): 8.5kVA – 22kVA
  6. Standard Series (Petrol): 1.3kVA – 6.0kVA
  7. Welder Generators
  8. Inverter Generators: 7.5kVA – 10.2kVA
  9. Sound Proof Generators: 6.0kVA – 8.8kVA

Advantages of Elemax Generators:

Investing in a genuine Elemax generator offers numerous advantages:

  1. Durable, long-lasting components
  2. Low fuel consumption
  3. Ease of operation and maintenance
  4. Appealing designs
  5. Readily available spare parts


As Nigeria grapples with power challenges, Elemax generators emerge as a reliable solution, providing quality, durability, and innovation. By understanding how to spot genuine products and exploring the diverse product line-up, consumers can make informed choices. Elevate your power solutions with Elemax – a brand synonymous with excellence and trust.

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