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In recent times, the demand for food processors in Nigeria has skyrocketed, with the younger generation embracing these kitchen gadgets for their time-saving benefits. With numerous models and brands flooding the market, it’s essential to understand the prices and factors to consider before making a purchase. In this blog post, we’ll explore the prices of popular food processors in Nigeria and provide valuable tips for a smart buying decision.

Food Processor Prices in Nigeria: 

Sonik Food Processors

  1. Sonik 3 IN 1 Food Processor-SFP 2203 – Starting from N27,000
  2. Sonik 1.5l Multi-Functional Food Processor & Blender 10-in-1 – Starting from N42,000
  3. Sonik Multifunctional Food Processor/Commercial Blender – 1200w – Starting from N36,000
  4. Sonik Multipurpose 10 In 1 Food Processor Blender – Starting from N35,000

Scanfrost Food Processors

  1. Scanfrost 1.5L Electric Blender With Glass Jar – Starting from N35,500
  2. Scanfrost Food Processor 1.5 Litres SFKAFP 2002 – Starting from N54,000
  3. Scanfrost Food Processor 1.5 Litres With Blender – Starting from N52,000
  4. Scanfrost Food Processor 1.7L SFKAFP 2001 – Starting from N75,000

Ambiano Food Processors

  1. Ambiano Professional 6-Blade Blender & Smoothie Maker – 2000W – Starting from N65,000
  2. Ambiano 2000W Professional / Commercial Hochleistung Mixer – 2L Jug – Starting from N62,000
  3. Ambiano Portable Stick Mixer & Blender – Starting from N57,000
  4. Ambiano 2000W Commercial Blender For Ice, Bean & Tiger Nut Crushing – Starting from N68,000
  5. Ambiano Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker – 300W – Starting from N37,000
  6. Ambiano High-Performance Blender – Starting from N85,000

Master Chef Food Processors

  1. Master Chef 4-in-1 Juicer – Blender – Grinder & Mill – Starting from N33,000
  2. Master Chef Moulinex 5000 Food Processor – Starting from N98,000
  3. Master Chef 8 In 1 Multifunction Food Processor – Starting from N30,500

Rite Tek Food Processors

  1. Rite Tek Multifunctional Food Processor With Mill (600 Watts) FP410 – Starting from N72,000
  2. Rite Tek Multifunctional Food Processor With Mill FP680 – Starting from N85,000
  3. Rite Tek FP 680 Multifunctional Food Processor With Mill (1000 Watts) 3L Bowl – Starting from N94,000

Philips Food Processors

  1. Philips Food processor HR7762 – Starting from N45,000

Saisho Food Processors

  1. Saisho 3 In 1 Blender 1.0 Liter Grinder Food Processor – Starting from N11,000

Things To Consider When Buying a Food Processor

  1. Bowl Capacity: Choose a size based on your family’s needs, with 10 cups suitable for a family of four and 14 cups for larger meals or commercial use.
  2. Blades: Look for stainless steel blades for durability and versatility in chopping, grinding, and more.
  3. Power: Consider the motor power based on your intended use, with tasks like dough mixing requiring higher wattage (700 Watts or more).
  4. Warranties: Opt for brands offering extended warranties, ensuring peace of mind and potential long-term savings.


Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to check current market prices, as they may vary due to factors like location, time of purchase, and currency exchange rates. Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect food processor to make your kitchen tasks a breeze.

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