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Gear oil, a critical lubricant for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in vehicles, plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal vehicle performance. The diverse range of types, grades, and brands in the market can be overwhelming for consumers. In this post, we delve into the cost of various gear oils in Nigeria, highlighting popular brands such as Toyota, Addinol, Mobil, and Honda. Additionally, we provide essential factors to consider when purchasing gear oil to help you make an informed decision.

Cost of Gear Oil in Nigeria:

Gear oils vary not only in function but also in class and type, contributing to the wide array of prices in the market. Here’s an overview of the costs associated with some common gear oil brands in Nigeria as of October 17, 2023:

  1. Toyota Gear Oils:
    • Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-IV – 1 Litre – From N5,090
    • Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-IV – 4 Liters – From N17,200
  2. Addinol Gear Oils:
    • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV 1 Litre – From N3,500
    • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV 4 Litres – From N18,000
    • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV 5 Litres – From N20,000
    • ADDINOL Automatic Transmission Fluid XN LV 6 Litres – From N22,000
  3. Mobil Gear Oils:
    • Mobil Super T&C Engine Oil 4 Litres X 4pic/carton – From N17,500
    • Mobil Super T&C Engine Oil, 10000kM 5L X 4pic/carton – From N30,000
  4. Honda Oils and Fluids:
    • Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF-Z1 – From N7,000
    • Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF DW-1 – From N6,900
    • Honda Genuine 50/50 Prediluted Long Life Antifreeze / Coolant Type 2 – From N40,000

Note: Prices are subject to change based on factors such as currency exchange rates and market conditions. It is advisable to confirm current prices before making a purchase.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gear Oil:

  1. Viscosity:
    • Understanding the appropriate viscosity grade is crucial. Referencing the maintenance manual is ideal, but in cases where it’s unavailable, consider the speed and load conditions of your vehicle. Viscosity is chosen to provide the desired film thickness between interacting surfaces.
  2. Type and Additive Selection:
    • Gear oils can be broadly categorized into R & O, antiscuff, and compounded types. The selection depends on operating conditions, and while there are no strict guidelines, understanding the overall conditions impacting the requirement is vital.
  3. Brand:
    • Choose a reliable and dependable brand. While the car owner’s manual may recommend a specific brand, alternatives that meet the required specifications can be considered. Ensure the selected brand aligns with the manufacturer’s guidelines.


In the ever-expanding market of gear oils, navigating the choices requires careful consideration of viscosity, type, and brand. This guide, coupled with updated price information, empowers consumers in Nigeria to make informed decisions when purchasing gear oil. Always prioritize the specific needs of your vehicle and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal performance.

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