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Gone are the days when buying a television was a straightforward task. In the evolving landscape of technology, the plethora of TV types available today, including the highly popular Light Emitting Diode (LED) television, has made the decision-making process more intricate. This blog post aims to simplify the confusion and provide valuable insights into the world of LED TVs, particularly focusing on prices, popular brands, and sizes in Nigeria.

Why LED TVs?

LED TVs have emerged as the reigning champions in the Nigerian television market, offering a winning combination of sleek design, superior picture quality, and affordability. In comparison to traditional box-TVs, LED TVs have revolutionized the viewing experience, captivating consumers with their modern aesthetics and advanced features.

Key Features of LED TVs:

  1. Sleek Design: LED TVs boast a modern and sleek design, outclassing LCDs and many other television types.
  2. Sharper Picture Quality: Recognized for their impressive picture quality, LED TVs stand out in delivering sharp and vibrant visuals.
  3. Affordability: Offering an affordable option for consumers, LED TVs provide excellent value for money.
  4. Variety in Sizes and Shapes: Available in various sizes, shapes, and types, LED TVs cater to diverse preferences. The latest innovations even include curved TVs for a more immersive viewing experience.

LED TV Prices in Nigeria:

Let’s delve into the prices of LED TVs from some of the top brands available in the Nigerian market:

LG LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • 24 inches LED TV: From N40,000
  • 32 inches LED TV: From N75,000
  • 43 inches smart TV: From N219,000
  • 55 inches OLED TV: From N690,000
  • 75 inches Ultra HD TV: From N1,070,000

Samsung LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • Samsung 24 inches LED TV: From N53,500
  • Samsung 40 inches Smart HD TV: From N250,000
  • Samsung 55 inches Curved Full HD TV: From N475,000
  • Samsung 65 inches QLED TV: From N1,200,000
  • Samsung 85 inches Ultra HD TV: From N2,200,000

Polystar LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • 22 inches LED TV: From N50,000
  • 40 inches LED TV: From N120,000
  • 50 Inch Android Smart Full HD LED TV: From N235,000
  • 65″ Android-Smart 4K TV: From N290,000

Hisense LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • Hisense 32″ Smart LED HD TV: From N121,500
  • Hisense 49 inches LED TV: N140,000 – N270,000
  • Hisense 58” Smart UHD 4K TV: From N325,000
  • Hisense 85” Smart UHD 4K TV: From N1,250,000

Sony LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • 43 inches full HD LED TV: From N330,000
  • 55 inches LED TV: From N431,000
  • 65 inches LED TV: From N550,000

Sharp LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • 32 inches LED TV: From N83,000
  • 50 inches LED TV: From N200,000

Scanfrost LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • 40 inches LED TV: From N97,000
  • 50 inches LED TV: From N255,000

Panasonic LED TVs & Prices in Nigeria:

  • 32 inches LED TV: From N125,000
  • 48 inches LED TV: [Price not specified]


In a dynamic market flooded with television options, LED TVs have risen to prominence in Nigeria. This guide provides an overview of LED TV prices from leading brands, aiding consumers in making informed decisions. Whether you prioritize sleek design, sharp picture quality, or affordability, the diverse range of LED TVs ensures there’s a perfect fit for every household. Keep this guide handy when navigating the bustling market for your next television upgrade.

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