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In the vibrant world of cosmetics, Oriflame has emerged as a household name, setting new standards and making waves in the beauty industry. Renowned for their exceptional quality and competitive prices, Oriflame has secured a special place in the hearts of beauty enthusiasts in Nigeria. This blog post aims to explore some of their popular products available in the country, shedding light on their prices and the diverse range they offer.

Skincare Elegance:

Oriflame has truly excelled in the realm of skincare, capturing the essence of naturally gathered extracts to deliver gentle and effective products. Here’s a glimpse of some top-notch skincare essentials and their prices in the current market:

  • Oriflame Hydrated Face Cream with Organic Aloe Vera Skin Care – From N6,590
  • Oriflame Refreshing Toner with Organic Aloe Vera Skin Care – From N4,690
  • Oriflame Milk Honey Hand and Body Cream – From N11,190
  • Oriflame Milk Honey Gold Scrub – From N11,490
  • Oriflame Tender Care Cream – From N4,390
  • Oriflame Feet Up Cracked Heels Repair – From N7,090
  • Oriflame Deol-X Skinsential Glow Essentials Body Lotion – From N8,490
  • Oriflame Deol-X Skinsential Glow Essentials Face Cream – From N5,290

Cleansing Radiance:

Oriflame’s cleansing products offer a refreshing experience, keeping your skin rejuvenated. Check out these cleansing wonders and their prices:

  • Oriflame Refreshing Cleansing Cream with Organic Aloe Vera and Coconut – From N5,390
  • Oriflame Age Revive Cleaning Milk Gold Eye Makeup Remover – From N6,290
  • Oriflame Bright Sublime Cleansing Set – From N97,390

Foundation and Face Powder Delight:

Navigating the competitive landscape of foundations and face powders, Oriflame stands out with its reliable and easy-to-apply products. Explore the variety of matte foundations and pressed powders:

  • Oriflame OnColour Power Up Foundation – From N7,490
  • Oriflame Metamorphosis Foundation – From N14,790
  • Oriflame Everlasting Foundation – From N10,890
  • Oriflame MasterCreation Foundation – From N16,090
  • Oriflame Giordani Gold Pressed Powder – From N19,190
  • Oriflame Everlasting Pressed Powder – From N16,090
  • Oriflame OnColour Power Powder – From N7,490

Makeup Magic Sets:

While not as widely known, Oriflame’s makeup sets offer economical options, making beauty accessible to all. Dive into these curated sets and their prices:

  • Oriflame Novage Men Set – From N53,728
  • Oriflame Ecollagen Wrinkle Power Set – From N73,400
  • Oriflame Ultimate Lift Contour Define Set – From N77,800
  • Oriflame Bright Sublime Set – From N97,390
  • Oriflame Even Out Set – From N61,540
  • Oriflame Time Restore Set – From N77,800

Face Toners Elegance:

Oriflame’s face toners, known for their gentle yet effective formulas, cater to various skin types. Here’s a glimpse of some of their finest toners:

  • Oriflame Age Revive Toner – From N6,290
  • Oriflame Purifying Toner with Organic Tea Tree and Lime – From N6,090
  • Oriflame Clarifying Toning Solution – From N6,690

Sensual Scents and Sprays:

In the realm of perfumes and body sprays, Oriflame holds its ground, offering distinctive scents that leave a lasting impression. While not as readily available in every store, their uniqueness shines through. Explore the prices of these captivating fragrances:

  • Oriflame Giordani Gold Original Perfumed Body Spray – From N6,590
  • Oriflame Perfumed Body Spray – From N6,590
  • Oriflame Essenza Perfume – From N35,590
  • Oriflame Eau de Parfum Her Perfume – From N24,090
  • Oriflame Mister Giordani Aqua Eau de Toilette Perfume – From N26,390
  • Oriflame Eau de Parfum Him Perfume – From N26,390
  • Oriflame Eau de Parfum – From N26,390
  • Oriflame All or Nothing Perfume – From N40,000
  • Oriflame Infinita Eau de Parfum – From N26,400
  • Oriflame Mystery Eau de Parfum – From N26,390
  • Oriflame Debonair Eau de Toilette – From N21,490

Gel Elegance for Oily Skin:

Oriflame caters to the unique needs of those with oily skin, offering gels enriched with natural extracts. Discover these gems for gentle care:

  • Oriflame Pure Skin Mattifying and Cooling Face Lotion For Oily Skin – From N6,690
  • Oriflame Clarifying Toning Gel Oily Skin – From N6,690
  • Oriflame 5 Minute Oil-Control Clay Mask for Oily Skin – From N6,690
  • Oriflame Love Nature Avocado Oil – From N6,390


With a diverse range of high-quality products at competitive prices, Oriflame continues to make a significant impact in the Nigerian beauty market. From skincare essentials to makeup sets and captivating fragrances, Oriflame offers a beauty experience that is both accessible and indulgent. Explore the world of Oriflame and elevate your beauty routine with these affordable yet luxurious products.

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