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Palm oil is a culinary staple globally and a key ingredient in many Nigerian dishes. Its versatile applications extend beyond the kitchen, as it serves as a raw material for products like margarine, soaps, cosmetics, and lubricants. For those considering venturing into commercial palm oil processing, understanding the right machines and their prices is crucial for a successful start. In this blog post, we’ll explore the stages of palm oil processing, popular machines available in Nigeria, and essential steps to kickstart your palm oil processing business.

Stages of Palm Oil Processing:

The palm oil processing journey involves several stages:

  1. Cleaning of the palm kernel
  2. Crushing of the palm kernel
  3. Nut separation
  4. Drying of the palm kernel
  5. Cooking of the palm kernel
  6. Oil pressing
  7. Filtration

Popular Machines and Prices in Nigeria:

To streamline the labor-intensive process, investing in the right machines is essential. Here’s a glimpse of some popular machines in the Nigerian market and their indicative prices:

  1. Energy Saving General Service Palm Oil Processing Machine Coconut Oil Press Machine – N1 million – N1.4 million
  2. Nigeria mini palm oil processing machine – N360,000 – N840,000
  3. Multifunctional Palm oil press machine – N1.1 million – N3 million
  4. Automatic small palm oil processing machinery mini oil mill – N2.7 million – N3.5 million
  5. 1 – 5.0 TPH mini palm oil plant – N5 million – N7 million
  6. 1-20t/h Fresh Oil palm fruit mill plant – N1.3 million – N1.7 million
  7. Small stainless steel 6yl-100A palm oil processing plant – N1 million – N1.7 million
  8. Palm Oil Processing Machine Industrial Palm Oil Extractor – N500,000 – N1.2 million
  9. Oil Palm Machine Extraction High-Quality Stainless Steel Coconut Oil Expeller – N316,800 – N520,000
  10. Factory price Oil Press Machine – N617,100 – N830,000
  11. 10 tons palm oil processing machine and palm oil refinery plant – N905,000 – N1.1 million
  12. High-Efficiency Red Palm Oil Refining machine – N617,100 – N2 million
  13. High-efficiency small scale palm oil refining machinery – N822,000 – N1.3 million
  14. Machine Palm Oil Filter Press Small – N403,000 – N450,000
  15. Small castor oil processing equipment – N318,800 – N400,000
  16. Palm kernel oil processing machine – N1.4 million – N2 million

Note: Prices may vary based on location and vendor. Consider second-hand machines cautiously, as they may have faults or reduced efficiency.

Starting a Palm Oil Processing Business in Nigeria:

Embarking on a palm oil processing business can be lucrative, but proper planning is key. Here are the steps to guide you:

  1. Understand the Process:
    • Gain knowledge through training or online resources.
    • Visit existing palm oil processing plants for firsthand experience.
  2. Acquire a Business Site:
    • Choose a location near raw material sources and markets.
    • Ensure accessibility and necessary resources like water.
  3. Acquire Equipment:
    • Invest in essential machines based on your production scale.
  4. Raise Capital:
    • Utilize personal savings, attract investors, explore bank loans, or seek government funding.
    • Don’t forget the importance of skilled human capital for efficient operations.


Armed with a clear understanding of the palm oil processing stages, essential machines, and business start-up steps, you’re poised for success in the Nigerian palm oil industry. Make informed decisions, invest wisely, and watch your palm oil processing venture thrive.

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