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Motorcycles, commonly known as okadas, have become an integral part of transportation in Nigeria. Offering efficiency, durability, ruggedness, and speed, okadas are not just a means of getting around; they also serve as a significant source of financial stability for many. With an ever-increasing demand for these two-wheelers, various brands have introduced a range of models with diverse designs, sizes, and colors. In this guide, we’ll explore the prices of both brand new and fairly used motorcycles available in the Nigerian market.

Brand New Okada Prices in Nigeria:

1. Kasea Motorcycles:

  • Kasea Prima Tricycle: N950,000 – N1 million
  • Kasea MXR Motorcycle: N250,000 – N310,000
  • Kasea RC 300 Motorcycle: N450,000 – N500,000
  • Kasea RC 125 Motorcycle: N200,000 – N300,000
  • Kasea ZE 1500 Motorcycle: N320,000 – N400,000
  • Kasea RC 125 F Motorcycle: N400,000 – N460,000
  • Kasea MXT Motorcycle: N280,000 – N340,000
  • Kasea ZE 2000 Motorcycle: N370,000 – N420,000
  • Kasea Sense Motorcycle: N420,000 – N470,000

2. Bajaj Motorcycles:

  • Bajaj Pulsar 220F 2023: From N1,200,000
  • Bajaj Pulsar 250 2022: From N1,200,000
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220F 2020: From N900,000
  • Bajaj 100 2022: From N500,000
  • Bajaj Boxer 2018: From N450,000

3. Jincheng Motorcycles:

  • Jincheng Ladies Bike: From N525,000
  • Jincheng JC Series: From N450,000

4. Honda Motorcycles:

  • New Motorcycle 2023: From N450,000
  • New Honda Super Hawk 2022: From N350,000
  • New Honda 2023: From N580,000
  • New Honda Dio 2022: From N330,000
  • New Honda 2023: From N2,500,000

5. Haojue Motorcycles:

  • New Haojue UD110 HJ110-6 2021: From N300,000
  • New Haojue HJ110-5 2023: From N900,000
  • New Haojue DK125 HJ125-30 2021: From N750,000
  • New Haojue HJ110-2C: From N870,000

Fairly Used Okada Prices:

1. Qlink Motorcycles:

  • Qlink XF 200 SM 2021: From N450,000
  • Qlink XF 200 SM 2022: From N560,000

2. Ladies Motorcycles:

  • Sinoki Supra: From N200,000
  • Qlink Target: From N255,000
  • Jincheng Ladies Bike: From N250,000

3. Bajaj Motorcycles:

  • Bajaj Boxer 2022: From N300,000
  • Bajaj Boxer 2020: From N270,000
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220 F 2022: From N600,000

4. Jincheng Motorcycles:

  • Jincheng Ladies Bike: From N220,000
  • Jincheng Ax100: From N110,000
  • Jincheng 110: From N190,000

5. Honda Motorcycles:

  • Honda Dio 2014: From N265,000
  • Honda Dio 2015: From N260,000
  • Honda Dio 2021: From N293,000

6. Haojue Motorcycles:

  • Haojue HJ125-19 2020: From N450,000
  • Haojue DF150 HJ150-12 2019: From N350,000


Whether you opt for a brand new motorcycle for the latest features or a fairly used one for cost-effectiveness, the Nigerian market offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Okadas have not only transformed transportation but have also become a symbol of economic empowerment for many in Nigeria. Explore these diverse options and make an informed choice for a reliable and efficient means of getting around.

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