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In the realm of generator sets, Sumec Firman has carved a niche for itself, not just as a brand but as a household name synonymous with quality, durability, and efficiency. Hailing from the renowned multinational Chinese company, Sumec Group, Sumec Firman generators have earned a reputation as one of the most efficient and reliable options in the market. This blog post aims to provide valuable insights into Sumec generator prices in Nigeria, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Prices of Sumec Generators in Nigeria:

Sumec Firman generators come in various capacities, catering to a diverse range of power requirements. Below is an overview of the price range you can expect when exploring Sumec Firman generators in Nigeria:

  1. Sumec Firman Generator SPG1200 0.9KVA: N33,000 – N50,000
  2. Sumec Firman Generator SPG1800 1.1KVA: N35,000 – N50,000
  3. Sumec Firman Generator ECO 1990 1.2KVA: N45,000 – N51,000
  4. Sumec Firman Generator 1.8KVA: N40,000 – N52,000
  5. Sumec Firman Generator 2.0KVA: N65,000 – N75,000
  6. Sumec Firman Generator 2.4KVA: N67,000 – N76,000
  7. Sumec Firman SPG29000 (Manual Start) 2.5KVA: N68,000 – N79,000
  8. Sumec Firman Generator FPG 3800ES 2.8KVA: N93,000 – N105,000
  9. Sumec Firman Generator 2.9KVA: N88,000 – N109,000
  10. Sumec Firman Rugged Generator RD3910 3.1KVA: N98,000 – N110,000
  11. Sumec Firman Generator SPG3800E2 3.2KVA: N175,000 – N190,000
  12. Sumec Firman Generator FPG 8800E2 6.5KVA: N195,000 – N200,000
  13. Sumec Firman Generator FPG8800E2R 6.6KVA: N195,000 – N205,000
  14. Sumec Firman Generator ECO 8990ES 6.7KVA: N195,000 – N210,000
  15. Sumec Firman Generator ECO 8990ESR 7.2KVA: N210,000 – N220,000
  16. Sumec Firman Generator ECO 10990ES 7.6KVA: N213,000 – N240,000
  17. Sumec Firman Generator ECO 8990ESR 8.6KVA: N215,000 – N255,000
  18. Sumec Firman Generator ECO 12990ESR 9KVA: N225,000 – N275,000
  19. Sumec Firman Rugged Generator 9.6KVA: N230,000 – N240,000
  20. Sumec Firman Generator ECO 10990ESR 9.8KVA: N250,000 – N290,000

How to Identify Original Sumec Firman Generators in Nigeria:

The popularity of Sumec Firman generators has unfortunately led to the proliferation of counterfeit models in the Nigerian market. To ensure you are investing in an authentic Sumec Firman generator, follow these tips:

  1. Verify authenticity on the Sumec Firman official website.
  2. Check for the bold engraving of the brand name “FIRMAN” on specific parts of the generator, including Oil tank, AVR, Air Filter, Engine Block, Alternator Rear Frame, Muffler, Carburetor, and Cylinder Head Cover.

Advantages of Sumec Firman Generators:

  1. Durability: Sumec Firman generators are renowned for their durability, staying true to the promise of high-quality materials, including 100% copper.
  2. Abundance of Features: These generators boast features like low fuel and oil indicators, making them user-friendly and efficient.
  3. Affordability: While not the cheapest option, Sumec generators offer long-term affordability with their durability and low maintenance requirements.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: Sumec Firman generators excel in fuel efficiency, reducing running costs over extended usage.

Sumec Firman Gasoline (Petrol) and Diesel Generators:

Sumec categorizes its generators into series based on features and power ratings. For residential use, there are petrol/gasoline series like SPG, FPG, Ruby, ECO, Industrial, and RUGGED. The SDG series features diesel generators for residential use, while another diesel series comprises soundproof and open-type industrial-grade generators for large-scale applications.

Where to Buy Sumec Firman Generators in Nigeria:

Sumec Firman generators are available both online and offline. When purchasing online from platforms like Jumia or Konga, ensure the seller’s authenticity by checking reviews and look out for counterfeit indicators provided by Sumec Firman. For offline purchases, buying directly from the manufacturer’s office or authorized distributors ensures access to after-sales services such as spare parts, technical support, and routine maintenance.


When considering a Sumec Firman generator, it’s crucial to factor in not only the upfront cost but also the long-term running expenses. With a commitment to quality, durability, and efficiency, Sumec Firman generators stand out as a reliable choice for meeting your power needs in Nigeria.

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