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Daylong motorcycles are known for their unique design and engineering. The bike comes in an array of colors and
sizes that make it suitable for all occasions and purposes.
In addition, the bike is widely considered to be one of the lightest motorcycles in Nigeria; this makes it very easy to
maneuver and handle. Read on to discover the updated list of Daylong motorcycle price in Nigeria.

It is also the best choice for people who like the latest trending design, styles, and engineering. The bike is also
considered to be one of the most reliable and durable among all other motorcycles in Nigeria.
Because of its ability to withstand hard use, the bike comes in different shapes and sizes. Daylong motorcycles are
one of the leading motorcycles in Nigeria.
Their bikes are one of the most affordable motorcycles that are considered to be the best for new riders. It can also
withstand harsh climatic conditions including dust storms and rain pours. The motorcycle comes with a proper
warranty that protects your investment and ensures you enjoy every moment on it.
The motorcycle comes in several models; the types include; Daylong DL200-30, Daylong DL110-75, and Daylong DL125-1 amongst others.
This alone shows that the bike is designed to serve a wide range of purposes. It is also designed to suit both genders
and all sizes. These types of motorcycles are fitted with a four-stroke engine for a friction-drive transmission.

Daylong motorcycle price in Nigeria

Daylong DL200-30 – ₦​300,000 – ₦​335,000
Daylong DL110-75 – ₦​300,000 – ₦​320,000
Daylong DL125-1 – ₦​275,000 – ₦​289,000
Daylong DL125-1 – ₦​300,000 – ₦​337,000
Daylong RKV 200 – ₦​360,000 – ₦​389,000
Daylong DL-125 CT – ₦​255,000 – ₦​289,000

Why You Should Buy A Daylong Bike

Daylong motorcycle is designed in a way that it can serve any purpose. It is also very affordable when compared with
motorcycles of the same kind. This makes it very economical because you can use the same bike for different
The bike is also very reliable and durable, which means that you will be able to use it for years without experiencing
any problems. The bikes are also easy to repair, even if you are not tech-savvy.
Another thing that makes Daylong motorcycles unique is the fact that it comes with an anti-burglary system.
This means that you do not have to worry about your bike being stolen while left unattended in a garage, car park, or
garage. It also has a manual kick start due to which you no longer have to suffer or are afraid of experiencing an
electrical shock when starting up the bike.
The motorcycle is also very comfortable because it offers a good seat that is designed to offer maximum comfort while
riding. It also comes with a quiet and stable engine that makes the bike very easy to drive.
The bike is very reliable and durable because it is one of the most well-engineered motorcycles in Nigeria. The
motorcycle is also very easy to repair, especially if you are not into technology and can deal with simple things like
Daylong motorcycles are also one of the lowest-priced motorcycles in Nigeria, which makes them very affordable for
everyone. In addition, the motorcycle is environmentally friendly because it is made from eco-friendly materials.
The materials used in the bike are tailored to be environment-friendly, which includes aluminum and steel, instead of
carbon steel or cast iron. This makes the bike very environmentally friendly.

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