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In today’s modern kitchens, freezers stand out as indispensable appliances, ensuring the freshness and preservation of our food. Particularly in regions like Nigeria, where reliable electricity is a luxury, having a freezer that can maintain a steady temperature is crucial. While freezers are recognized as essential, the cost often poses a challenge. Enter Tokunbo freezers – the cost-effective solution gaining popularity in Nigeria, offering both savings and efficiency.

Why Tokunbo Freezers?

Used appliances can be a smart way to save money without compromising on quality, and Tokunbo freezers are no exception. These pre-owned freezers provide an affordable alternative to brand-new ones, often delivering comparable performance. Strong, reliable, and available in various brands, types, and sizes, Tokunbo freezers have become a practical choice for many households.

Prices of Tokunbo Deep Freezers in Nigeria:

To help you navigate the market, here are some estimated prices for Tokunbo freezers from popular brands:

LG Freezers:

  • LG Chest Freezer 100 Litres: From N80,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 175 Litres: From N100,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 200 Litres: From N120,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 280 Litres: From N150,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 325 Litres: From N180,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 450 Litres: From N250,000

Polystar Freezers:

  • Polystar Chest Freezer 116 Litres: From N60,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 200 Litres: From N80,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 284 Litres: From N100,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 300 Litres: From N150,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 430 Litres: From N180,000
  • Polystar Showcase Chest Freezer: From N200,000

Scanfrost Freezers:

  • Scanfrost Chest Freezer 100 Litres: From N80,000
  • Scanfrost Chest Freezer 150 Litres: From N120,000
  • Scanfrost Chest Freezer 251 Litres: From N150,000

Hisense Freezers:

  • Hisense Chest Freezer 100 Litres: From N80,000
  • Hisense Chest Freezer 200 Litres: From N100,000
  • Hisense Chest Freezer 250 Litres: From N140,000
  • Hisense Chest Freezer 300 Litres: From N175,000

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Used Freezer:

Before diving into the Tokunbo freezer market, consider these crucial factors to make an informed decision:

  1. Space Availability:
    • Determine the available space in your kitchen, as it will influence the size and capacity of the freezer you can accommodate.
  2. Thermometer Check:
    • Ensure the freezer maintains temperature efficiently, even during power outages. Check the thermometer and opt for reliable models.
  3. Budget Consideration:
    • Set a budget based on your financial capacity. Tokunbo freezers come in various categories, so choose one that aligns with your budget without compromising on essential features.
  4. Energy Efficiency:
    • Assess the energy consumption of the freezer to avoid additional costs on electricity bills. A seemingly cheap purchase may become costly in the long run if it’s not energy-efficient.
  5. Brand Reputation:
    • Research brands with a reputation for producing efficient and durable freezers. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the reliability of different brands.
  6. User-Friendly Design:
    • Opt for a freezer that is easy to use, especially if multiple people will be using it. Avoid overly complicated models that may cause inconvenience.


Tokunbo freezers present a cost-effective solution for households in Nigeria seeking reliable food preservation without breaking the bank. By considering factors such as available space, thermometer efficiency, budget constraints, energy efficiency, brand reputation, and user-friendliness, buyers can make informed decisions and secure a quality used freezer that meets their needs. As the demand for affordable and efficient appliances continues to rise, Tokunbo freezers stand out as a practical and economical choice for many Nigerian households.

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