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In Nigeria, the market is flooded with a variety of water bottles, ranging from plastic options designed for kids to sleek metal or steel alternatives for home use. Understanding the material, functionality, and where to purchase these bottles is crucial for making an informed choice. Additionally, we delve into the uses of hot water bottles, shedding light on their health benefits. In this guide, we’ll explore the diverse options available, where to buy them, and the cost considerations.

Materials Matter: Plastic vs. Steel Water Bottles

Water bottles come in two primary materials: plastic and metal/steel. Plastic bottles, often used by children for school, include PET bottles used by manufacturing industries. Conversely, metal or steel bottles are commonly found in homes for storing liquids for later use. When it comes to health concerns, research suggests that plastic bottles may pose risks due to chemicals that increase with heat and time. Steel water bottles, being more resilient and easier to clean, present a safer alternative.

Functionality: Drinking Water Bottles and Hot Water Bottles

Drinking water bottles are designed for everyday use, perfect for staying hydrated on the go. On the other hand, hot water bottles serve a dual purpose—providing health benefits such as reducing menstrual pain, easing back pain, and purifying the liver and colon. Knowing the intended use is essential for choosing the right type of water bottle.

Where to Buy Water Bottles in Nigeria

  1. E-commerce Stores: Platforms like Konga and Jumia offer a wide array of water bottles. Simply search for “water bottle” to explore various options.
  2. Local Stores: Explore nearby plastic or food flask sellers for high-quality water bottles. Bargaining is often possible, providing a chance to get a good deal.
  3. Home Sellers: Many individuals, especially women, sell imported water bottles through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Direct imports may offer more affordable and durable options.

Cost Considerations: 

Hot Water Bottles:

  • Therapeutic Hot Water Bottle: N1,000 – N1,500
  • Relaxing Hot Water Bottle Flannel: N500 – N1,000

Drinking Water Bottles:

  • Creative Sports 304 Stainless: N3,000 – N5,000
  • Transparent Water Bottle: N1,500 – N2,000
  • Nike Hyperfuel: N7,500 – N9,000

Plastic vs. Steel Water Bottles: 

Research indicates that plastic water bottles may have health implications due to chemicals. These risks increase with heat and time. In contrast, steel water bottles are considered a safer option, with easier cleaning and fewer health concerns.


With water bottles available in various sizes, shapes, and price ranges, the right choice depends on your specific needs and budget. Whether it’s for kids, sports, or home use, this guide, along with the provided price list, serves as a helpful resource to make an informed decision. Stay hydrated responsibly with the perfect water bottle for you!

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