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Over the past decade, video games have become an integral part of the social lives of youths, offering satisfaction and intense pleasure. Microsoft’s Xbox 360, unveiled on May 12, 2005, as the successor to the original Xbox, has played a significant role in shaping the gaming landscape. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features, pricing, and key aspects of the Xbox 360, making it your go-to guide for this iconic gaming console.

Features of the Xbox 360:

1. A Multifunctional Entertainment Hub:

Beyond gaming, the Xbox 360 serves as a versatile entertainment center. It supports playing games, watching DVDs, and listening to high-fidelity music, making it an all-in-one entertainment solution.

2. High-Definition Gaming:

As the first console to support high definition, the Xbox 360 delivers unparalleled visual clarity. Combined with superb sound support and online options, it sets a new standard for gaming experiences.

3. Realistic Gaming Worlds:

Game developers leverage the Xbox 360’s capabilities to create realistic worlds, beautiful fantasy settings, and inventive scenarios, ushering in a true step forward in interactive entertainment.

4. High-Fidelity Audio Output:

The Xbox 360 provides top-notch audio output, enhancing your home entertainment system. It supports playing music directly from various sources, including CDs, portable MP3 players, and PCs.

Xbox 360 Prices in Nigeria:

Brand New Consoles:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Console 120GB With 2 Bonus Game CDs & 10 Installed Games: N78,000 – N90,000
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X – 1TB SSD Console: N425,000 – N470,000
  • Xbox One All-digital Edition Console -1TB: N289,000 – N300,000
  • Microsoft Xbox One 500GB Console: N118,000 – N130,000
  • Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console – Xbox One: N237,000 – N250,000

Used Consoles:

  • Xbox 360: N40,000 – N100,000 (Prices last updated: October 12, 2022)

What You Should Know About the Xbox 360:

1. Storage Options:

Microsoft offers two storage options in Nigeria, the 4GB model, and the 250GB model, catering to various user needs.

2. Kinetic Sensor Accessory:

One of the unique features of the Xbox 360 is the Kinetic sensor accessory, allowing players to interact with games using their bodies, eliminating the need for a controller.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

The Xbox 360 Dashboard provides a sleek and user-friendly interface, offering easy access to gamercards, Xbox Live messages, friends list, and more.

Pros and Cons of the Xbox 360:


  • Cross-game voice chat
  • Open-mic system
  • Exclusive games like Halo 3, Gears of War, Fable, etc.
  • Xbox Live offers more downloadable games
  • Easy hard drive removal
  • Rentable movies on Xbox Live
  • Excellent multiplayer gaming experience


  • High failure rate compared to Sony PlayStation
  • “Red ring of death” issue
  • Limited proprietary hard drive options
  • Limited hard drive upgradeability
  • Disc scratching concerns
  • Limited out-of-game voice chat capacity
  • External power supply unit
  • Noisy cooling fans
  • Outdated DVD format


The Microsoft Xbox 360 stands as one of the best gaming consoles ever manufactured, offering a comprehensive gaming and entertainment experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual user, the Xbox 360’s unique features and diverse game library make it a compelling choice. Explore the world of immersive gaming and entertainment with the Xbox 360, available at varying prices to suit your preferences and budget.

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