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Agriculture, the backbone of human existence, has witnessed transformative advancements through technology. The days of manual labor with hoes and cutlasses are long gone, replaced by powerful machinery that streamlines processes, enhances productivity, and contributes significantly to the economies of nations. At the heart of this agricultural revolution lies the indispensable role of diesel engines, powering a diverse array of equipment. In this blog post, we delve into the specifics of the 1115 diesel engine, shedding light on its prices, advantages, and specifications.

1115 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria:

For farmers contemplating the acquisition of agricultural equipment, understanding the market prices of 1115 diesel engines is crucial.

  1. 1130 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter: From N490,000
  2. 195 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter: From N370,000
  3. 175 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter: From N200,000
  4. Automatic 1115 Diesel Engine With Alternator 10kva: From N650,000
  5. 1115 Fagge Diesel Engine: From N426,000
  6. Sifang 1115 Diesel Engine: From N680,000
  7. 30kva Sifang DIESEL Soundproof Generator 100% Coil: From N750,000
  8. 30kva Original Sifang Diesel Generator With Key, 100% Copper: From N950,000

Please note that these prices are subject to market fluctuations influenced by factors such as exchange rates, customs duties, haulage costs, and government policies. Minor variations may also occur based on your location.

Advantages of Using Diesel Engines in Agriculture:

Diesel engines have become the preferred choice for powering agricultural machinery, and for good reasons. Here are some advantages that highlight the superiority of diesel engines in agricultural applications:

  1. Less Maintenance: Diesel engines boast fewer moving parts compared to their gasoline counterparts, resulting in reduced wear and tear. The absence of spark plugs or distributor caps further contributes to their durability, ensuring a longer lifespan and fewer maintenance requirements.
  2. More Horsepower and Torque: Diesel engines deliver substantial horsepower and torque, providing the necessary power for agricultural tasks. This increased capacity is especially advantageous for heavy-duty applications, making diesel engines a reliable choice in the field.
  3. Fuel Efficiency: Fuel efficiency is a critical factor in the agricultural sector, and diesel engines excel in this aspect. The highly efficient compression-ignition system of diesel engines heats air in the cylinders using a high compression system, leading to combustion. This process results in higher energy output and lower fuel consumption compared to gasoline engines.

Specifications of 1115 Diesel Engines in Nigeria:

Understanding the specifications of the 1115 diesel engine is vital for making informed purchasing decisions. Here are the key specifications for the Diesel Engine with Key Starter 1115 Model and the Changfa ZS1115GN Diesel Water-cooled Engine:

Diesel Engine with Key Starter 1115 Model:

  • Item Type: Diesel engine
  • Model: 1115 Model
  • Starting Method: Hand cranking/Electric starting
  • Features: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Weight: 180,000 grams

Changfa ZS1115GN Diesel Water-cooled Engine:

  • Ignition Mode: Compression-Ignition
  • Speed: Speed
  • Cooling Cylinder: Water-Cooled
  • Intake Pressure Impulse: Naturally Aspirated
  • Piston Movement: Reciprocating
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Model NO.: ZS1115GN
  • Number of Strokes: Four-Stroke
  • Cylinder Arrangement Form: L
  • Number of Cylinders: Single-Cylinder
  • Type: Combustion Engine
  • Transport Package: Wooden Case Package
  • Specification: CE, ISO9001
  • Trademark: CHANGWU
  • Origin: China


In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, the role of technology, particularly diesel engines, cannot be overstated. The 1115 diesel engine stands as a testament to the evolution of agricultural machinery, offering farmers reliability, power, and efficiency. As you navigate the market for the ideal engine to fuel your agricultural endeavors, consider the advantages and specifications outlined in this guide. Stay informed, invest wisely, and let the power of diesel engines drive your agricultural success.

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